10 For The Better Or For The Worse.

I joined all the kids and my sister Bianca for dinner. They seemed to get along well.

"They're my first ever friends!" said Eleanor keenly. I smiled.

"Where's daddy...? You said he would be back." she chatted sadly.

"He came, but he dropped the items you asked below, he's asked you to eat well and sleep," I replied immediately.

"But I never sleep withou-"

"I'll put you to sleep," said Helen to Eleanor, walking out of the elevator with a broad smile. She greeted Bianca and her children and swiftly handed the memory loop to me.

"I've learnt the German lullaby from the loop, sounded funny in Model-T's hoarse voice," Helen whispered, followed by a controlled giggle. This was strange in a lot of ways.

"Okay, kids, who wants to play a round of tag around the house before we all head to bed?" I said excitedly, and the kids ran to hide. Eleanor was puzzled, but she followed my niece Cece as I began counting.


The kids head to sleep in my hall with my sister Bianca as they watched a live-action movie together. Every month, Bianca would bring her kids over for a movie night as they lived a level below me. Helen was on her way to get Model-T from my office as it was barred during this hour of the night with no one around. I perched on the floor cushion in my bedroom overlooking the view of the complete city covered with a dark blue sky full of glistening stars. I took the memory loop and inserted it carefully into the mini projector that launched its contents on the empty wall in front of me.

A timeline displayed all the way from Model-T (the robot)'s creation, it's training and all of its assignments throughout the cumulative years. Blood truly triggers me, so I avoided watching the assassinations. I clicked on how it was created and what they made it to do. Helen was right.

It's a man-slaughtering machine packed in a robot. His master would accept assignments from businessmen, political leaders and more on the DarkWeb. And in exchange for every assassination, his owner would receive a hefty amount of drugs or money. I fast-forwarded five years ago.

A new installation of the update was made by the creators to his system that allowed him to appear, think, react, reflex and behave more like a human. He is equipped with skills like martial arts, weapon management, and blade combat. A few months after that, I noticed how T would talk to himself when left alone. He would imagine just like a human.

To his creators, he was just an asset. He was obliged to serve them for his entire lifetime because they invented him. He had no control over his life and yet he somehow wanted it. His previous installations required someone else to control him and his assassinations with a remote but the new one enabled him to do them on his own. He didn't like killing. He hated bloodshed. He wanted to find a way out. Yet somehow, he was bound by limitations.

Other robots who were installed with the same software too felt emotions that he felt but upon watching his master dismantle them ruthlessly upon wanting to not kill, he chose to hush up.

He saw relationships all around him that humans had. He longed connection. And the only one he had was slavery to mutilate people without knowing the reasons behind it. Some people who hired him were actually good people and he was hired to take revenge. Justice was served and that was the only part he liked and that's all that I could understand upon watching him express to himself on the loop when he was alone.

What I saw next was truly something I was certainly not equipped for.

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T was hired along with Sierra on a joint mission; she was a newer version of robot assassins.

And the project was titled: The Muller Family. With a side note of objectives, that read, "1 elderly couple to be gutted alive or similar,"

"1 young couple, blonde man, Harry and his red-head wife Zena's skull to be broken in front of their parents."

"And their newborn offspring, Adrianna. Bring her alive."

"Call me so the client can watch when you do so."


My eyes widened."The woman's description... She had red hair, similar descriptions to Eleanor's." I mused.

The clip played.

"Herzlich Willkommen!" T's owner said to a well-suited man. (translates to Welcome! in German.)

"I've hand-picked the best of my assassins, Sierra and T for this assignment." he continued and pat Sierra's back.

"You need the säugling alive, eh?" he questioned the man in the Egyptian-blue coloured suit mimicking the size of a baby with his hands. (translates to Baby in German)

"Ja." the man replied. (yeah)

"Drop her to my friend's strip club." He continued casually as he handed a card to him and kicked a bag full of money.

"She'll be where she belongs." He smirked while looking at his friend standing distantly near a maroon car who gave a wicked smile back to him.

Sierra and T got into the car disguised as the Muller family's newly hired servants. Usually, on missions, they sent one robot solely but because this was a wealthy family, they each had a bodyguard and not knowing precisely how many people they might have to face, they had to work together.

They entered the mansion swiftly and behaved as normally as possible to blend in. They tied the chef's together and hid them in the pantry first, T used his zizz technique to make them fall asleep and not recollect what happened to them at all upon waking up. They moved slowly as they had an entire army to face. I didn't want to watch further but I needed to, I had questions sauntering into my head, I had to know if I needed to hand the child and the robot to authorities and to know why he was behind the time dime. I watched ahead.

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