3 Hours - A Gamble Of Time.

Dave Dalton, an aspiring physicist, loses his fiancé who he treasured dearly. Plagued by his past and memories of her; he attempts to go back in time to protect her, but his battle is against his irreversible fate.

Would nature accept this reverse or will his situation remain an inevitable mess?

It can only be elucidated with time.

And time?

Time is like gushing water, we get older with every second that ticks. Life is an hourglass that pours grain by grain in a mere glimpse. What you have today, you may not tomorrow.

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The past is a compilation of moments we can't recapture nor mend, no cover-up or cast could change how things turn out to be in the end. The future is unforeseen for you and for me, all I can say to you is enjoy the sweet melancholy. The present is all that remains within your palms and your course, so will you choose to stay or risk it all for a trade with an unknown force--time?

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