1 Something is Lurking...

The man came home at around 11: 30 pm after work. He took a long shower. After his shower he was ready to go to bed, but suddenly the words of his coworkers hit him. Then he thought to himself what if they were right, What if someone was going to come after him? What if he was going to die? These thoughts went through his head as he tried to go to bed. He twisted and turned in bed thinking that something was going to happen, but nothing happened. Then after a long time of thinking and thinking he finally fell asleep after 3 hours.

The full moon was shining brightly in the night sky. And everyone could tell that something was going to happen that night. Everyone thought that something was lurking in the dark. Maybe something was lurking in the darkness of the bright night. Maybe that something was too dark to see, but people could definitely feel it. It was moving fast swiftly and steadily. The only questions left to ask was Who was going to suffer? Who was going to be the victim? And lastly Why?

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