1 CHAPTER I: Jameson

Have you ever wondered what exactly your purpose in life is? I have always thought of, perhaps we have a certain mission to fulfill. And I honestly do not know mine until it all started when I was 13.

But wait... never call me crazy. Probably, you might think it's all make-up stories that I got out of reading fictitious novels and watching movies. So I've got a kind of disclaimer right there.

* * *

I am Miguel Lopez, 20, and currently is living in Lot 2009 Block 26 Brookside Subdivision, Cainta, Rizal Philippines. I am a graduating student taking up Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I'm with my mom and one little sister, named Sofia. My Dad..... CAN WE JUST MOVE ON?

Going back to how my life is going. It is indeed interesting. I am somehow not sure if I am the only one who has this condition. I don't want to call 'gift' for it has taken a normal life away from me. Nope. This is not a medical illness that you apparently think it is and you might already presume that I'd die in the end. Well big NO!

What if, death is the only key to stop this?

I have a condition that I get to experience someone's life for 26 days. WHAT?! HOW COME?! Hold on. Those were the similar questions back when I had experienced it the first time. It was horrible and I thought I was still dreaming. Imagine waking up in a different room inside a different body? I was never informed about this before my parents signed the contract for my creation when their tiny cells met. Anyway, I have managed to pull off that day hoping I'd wake up from that nightmare and the next 25 days were.... nah I wanted to forget about it.

Oops! I know, you're curious to know. So here it is.... My first host is Jameson. He's 18 and he went to school near my place. I was 13 when it happened. I woke up Saturday morning inside his room. He's got good taste with how his room is set up. He is from a well-off family, his Dad works in a construction firm and his mom as a plain loving mother and wife.

You might be asking because I know you have a lot of questions going around your head right now. Guys, I'm afraid to say I don't have FAQs. But to answer a few possible questions like what happened to my actual self? It is still me. I, however never had the chance to visit my house and check on myself when I was on a different body. I'm scared though most especially for my mom and sis to see people constantly visiting our house that unbeknownst, it was actually me. Of course, I want to meet myself and see how I look in actual person but not for now..... I am not ready. Another possible question is if it is continuously happening? My answer is 'No.' Sometimes, I am on my actual self for couple of days and the longest would take weeks and it has not gotten more than that yet. I wish it would so I could enjoy living a normal life for months I guess. To answer the last question? Does it go more than 26 days? Another NO. It's funny how the universe planned this out? I know God has his reason why He put me in this weird and peculiar situation. I was mad at him at first but I eventually got used to it.

In three days from now is my 21st birthday. You know for sure what my wish is. Don't you?

This is Migs! This is my story.

* * *

"Ahhhhhhh" I yawned while walking down the stairs.

"Good Morning honey!", his mom greeted.

"Where is Sofie?"

"Good Morning kuya!" she suddenly appeared from nowhere carrying her favorite Teddy Bear.

He smiled and pulled her close so he could hug her.

"You're choking me.. I can't breath!" she resisted.

The three all went to the table to have breakfast.

"Bacooooooon! AGAIN?!", Migs complained.

"Sorry I was not able to drop by at the supermarket. I had to extend last night honey."

"That's okay, Mom... we can both go now if you want since it's Saturday."

His mother refused and went by herself after our meal. Sofia went to play outside and Migs stayed inside his room. He took his guitar, sat on his bed and played a bit...

🎶Do you know what's worth fighting for

When it's not worth dying for?

Does it take your breath away

And you feel yourself suffocating?

Does the pain weigh out the pride?

And you look for a place to hide?

Did someone break your heart inside?

You're in ruins

One, twenty one guns

Lay down your arms

Give up the fight

One, twenty one guns

Throw up your arms into the sky,

You and I...🎶

"Geeeez!!!! I had to learn a new song", he talked to himself.

He put his guitar down, grabbed his phone and laid down.


(Meet me at the coffee shop)

SENT TO BOGS (his bestfriend)

* * *

At the Coffee Shop.

"Hey Dude! what's up?", said Bogs while approaching Migs.

"I've got to tell ya something."

Bogs, confused, rushed to the counter to order latté.

"Wait a sec... I love suspense but I need to get a cup first."

"Off you go!" Migs said.

Later on, Migs told Bogs about how they have to device a plan so he can ask Ella for a date. Ella is a campus sweetheart Miguel has a crush on since first year of college.

"Are you out of your mind?!" Bog