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200 Days With My Idol


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"I still can't believe that this is really true. Am I not really dreaming all of this time?" You asked staring at him as if your whole world is in front of your eyes "How could a person possibly dream within 2 Months hm?" He then replied smiling at you and making you giggle "why?" he continued "It's really unbelievable, you know? It doesn't feel real at all" you said stepping closer and wrapping your arms around him "Do you want me to prove it that this is all real baby?" He said leaning forward making the tip of your noses touch with each other "Uh... Tae I-" He immediately cutted your words "Shh... Don't talk anymore and just feel how real this moment is" He said as he started kissing you gently. His lips were moving so soft making your cheeks turn completely red as you kissed him back, placing your hands around his neck He pulled back after some seconds and moved towards your ears "Let's continue this in my bed" he picked you in a bridal style and started walking towards his room Everything is so perfect, but everything will all end too in 200 days... what could you possibly do to stop this from ending? and could you really stop it? [WARNING! SOME PARTS CONTAINS R18+ CONTENTS]


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