7 Max doesn’t want that Responsibility

Being 14, He refused to meet me for a "talk" and advised to talk at Lunch, as usual I agreed. Joel's table had a Sign sticking out at the end:

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Joel didn't look like a dork, Joel didn't mind he just Did his experiments on his lunch which the Monitors didn't mind since it was Science, Joel always got an A in that so he's a good tutor.

Envy, Max Said,"what's the news?" "You night not like it, I said nervously trying to hold it in."I'm pregnant."


Then he whispered," am I the father?" He was my first boyfriend, I nodded.

He said,"well good luck raising the baby, I don't want that responsibility."

I sighed."then we can break up."

He gasped."No! Anything but that!"

"Anything?" However, we both decided it'd be best to take a break and that he still loved me like since Kindergarten..

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