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And wow...I completely lost all interest. I didn't think it would be this quick! This MC can't even keep something as groundbreaking as 'The System' a secret? His only advantage in the world, and he reveals it (without knowing any possible consequences) with no hesitation at all? Wow, just wow! Clearly the MC has a weak personality...


Hi author here, I do agree with your point of view, originally I was going to keep the system a secret till later but with how monsters were appearing within their premises along with a 8 month timeframe when disaster would befall them, despite the system is his only advantage, he still has a weakness and that is his sister. And that is why I made Mickaila reveal this secret straight away to his sister who was always by his side no matter what and she was the only family member that he could call at all times. Furthermore seeing his sister isn't weak etc as she is a army general, he knew for a better chance of survival would be both him and his sister getting stronger so rather than keeping it a secret, it was better to make his weakness stronger. And this is the reason why I've chosen to have Mickaila to tell his sister about the system. But nevertheless, thank you for reading the first few chapters and giving me feedbacks of your opinion 😁

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Author just a suggestion. Put conversation in double quotes like " " it's difficult to follow up the convo in single quotes. Also it's you're and not your


Okay, I stopped reading when he told her about the system, goodbye