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Honestly it’s hard I mean I have no problem killing Viserys because he’s already mad but Daenerys is just 12 year old girl not mention I like her Character before she went mad and honestly I will have MC take her as ward or hide her and Prefer have her as love interests too


He really needs to deal with tywin,right now his uncle is using him like a puppeteer would a puppet. He is the one that can give lancel the title of lord and he knows how much Lancel wants that so he can now control him. Lancel needs to make tywin name him his heir (Not sure if he already have done that) and then get rid of him. Trusting a guy that ordered a gang rape of a young girl who's only crime was to love a dwarf, a man that order the sacking a city full of innocent people and order the death of a 5 year old girl and a baby is madness.


The Targaryens are a huge threat to both Westeros and his family. Best to give them a painless death than to allow the masses to suffer in my opinion. Daenerys did more harm than good tbh... yes she freed the slaves of essos, but she didn't set up any form of government for when she left. Neither did she teach the slaves how to live, they had lived their whole lives as slaves and know nothing else. Honestly after she left she probably left it in prime condition for others to gain power and enslave them once more.


There are only two options for a dragon..."ride it" or kill it!


The Targaryens are too huge of a threat especially Dany. MC is trying to protect his family the lannister. He is also trying to make the lannister the greatest, strongest house etc. So having the targaryens alive is just utter stupidity. Anyone that have the royal family bloodline is a threat. He can track and collect the dragon egg for himself (tyrion one also) and hatch it himself. He just needs fire and blood (sacrifice) like what Dany does. Most of the time in GoT fanfiction i like it when the mc got together with Dany but it's just not suitable at all for this fanfic and if you do it, it'll be forced as fck.


Wish she was waifu with her he could with great difficulty have a claim to the throne, cause having the inbred tyrant on the throne irks me.


It is so obvious and predictable that he is not going to kill her, if he did kill her it would be great, but it is obvious that he is only going to kidnap her so that drug does not **** her, typical, make it colder and not a softie who thinks with his cock or a fool who doesn't kill his enemies because they like him.


Thanks for the chapter i honestly don’t know his to feel about Dany dying but its the smart choice i guess


Gonna **** over Westeros without those dragons. And gonna fck over himself if he lets Tywin dominate his destiny. The man understands nothing of functional ways to teach, train or interact with family.


I'd kill daeny and cut her skull I'd have it designed as a wine goblet and gift it to the ****** bred king, it's either he loves it for shit and giggles or he'd be disgusted cause he's a weirdo


I loved the chapter, despite some hypocritical inconsistencies Whatever your decision is whether to let daenerys live or kill her ... At least half of the public will be divided, I hope they make the most LOGICAL decision


Many complain about the death of a girl but compare with the probability that it causes millions ... also they accuse twyn of being a monster, it is cruel, yes. But look at our medieval history and it's a puppy in comparison.


Not a fan of the whole killing danerys since he knows its not the tv series but the books since young grif and ariana martel are there soooooo what if she isnt even the crazy dany we see at the very end...... she has someone else to help guide her to whatver idk maybe have something terrible happen to castley rock shere he is unable to return for a few years idk im high


just take dany, the dragons and hide a year or two then conquer essos, in Westeros the key figures will kill themselves, then conquer westeros and kill the Others and done....


He's going to kill vyseris, the only person who took care of dany (he still doesn't hate him) with that THE LANNISTER WAS ENDED WITH ALL HIS FAMILY and everything he had and could have ... You really think she is going to love him even if you take care of her?


Damn this is really hard to read Daenerys is still innocent right now and reading him kill her just puts a bad taste on my mouth but I will respect what the author will plan


the problem with killing Daanerys is called Emilia Clarke. This actress is so beautiful that it is difficult to decapitate her.


The hard on this guy has for twyin is really something. He says twyin didn't do anything to his family. Has he even seen the series or read the books. The way he treated Tyrion people Don't treat their livestock.


It is good to know that he is applying his knowledge as a former member of the Marine Corps on this mission. Presumably they have been alerted so after finding their location they will face a larger number of guards. I hope he succeeds and kills them quickly since they are children.


he could track drow the dragon eggs, with that he know how to awaken then for the nightwalkers or just not let her have it... make her scape and live somewere else would be easy to... just hope the army of the dead is stronger than what they make then to be in the show