The Badass Itachi Uchiha in Fairy TailThe Badass Itachi Uchiha in Fairy Tail

The Badass Itachi Uchiha in Fairy Tail

by DJason

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For the OG webnovel readers who remember "Cool Anime System", let me bring it back from the dead! This fan-fiction will center around Mouchizuki Amida, an anime fan of Naruto and Fairy Tail, reborn in Fairy Tail several years before the main storyline with the badass system, a system which strives to make the host the most badass existence ever! And who could be more fitting than for Amida to inherit the supreme badassery from the legend Itachi Uchiha? (I the author have not watched Fairy Tail in a while so please be patient with me. I will re-read the manga and re-watch the anime as I write this so the updates will be 1 or 2 chapters a day :D. Also, by writing this synopsis, I hereby accept the terms of agreement that since I am using Itachi's name, the main character by default will be a sincere and complete badass. Of course, he will have parts of his own personality as well! Do not fret!)

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