The Amazing Dimensional Group Chat!The Amazing Dimensional Group Chat!

The Amazing Dimensional Group Chat!

by Charlottes

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* I was Inspired by this fan-fic called Sis-con With Dimensional Chat Group, I'll try making a good one don't expect too much. * [ Note : English isn't my first language, please bear at my shitty grammar, I'll do my best on making a good story. ] Story : Somewhere in Manila Philippines, there is a poor young boy who has literally nothing, and he is named Zander. Yet one day on his 16th birthday his father gave him a phone with a strange brand named Dimensional X. As he opened it, he saw a strange app that is spinning and as he opened it. He gained the Dimensional X Group Chat! [ Demi-God Loli has joined the group chat! ] [ Silent Girl has joined the group chat! ] [ The Loner has joined the group chat! ] [ Dark Wizard has joined the group chat! ] [ Perverted Old Fallen Angel has joined the group chat! ] Zander " What the hell? " Another Note : First of all I did this for fun, don't take it seriously this Fan-fic would have a plenty of mistake, the character attitude is just base on my memories but I so use fandom sometimes. And again don't take it seriously if you can see some mistake then it's normal I'm not perfect nor you guys are anyways just enjoy reading to pass time nothing more. Join In My Discord Server : https://discord.gg/HVavRa9

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