The Worlds To AscensionThe Worlds To Ascension

The Worlds To Ascension

by Undead_Taiyang

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The people of Earth are given a chance to change their Destiny, And the chance they are given is to Ascend to a higher world, become a part of Ascension. ---------------------------------------------------------- But before the whole of Humanity is given the chance to become something great, our MC Alex Barton was selected as one of 7 humans to gain access to Ancient ground before all Humanity. Right now he only has 7 days until every single person in the the world is dragged in the Ancient ground to get qualifications for becoming one of the Ascension Worlds Race. So how is Alex going to do in his 7 days of time and even his journey after that. ----------------------------------------------------------- Note: Two Chapters Daily(If I don't get ill or if something some up). For every Hundred Votes, there will be a bonus Chapter.

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