My Queen Of TerraMy Queen Of Terra

My Queen Of Terra

by Author_Hadassah

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A prince from a hidden land. A doctor from an urban city. Their goals clashed. Their worlds are poles apart. Yet, their fates were intertwined to cross over and over again. Can they escape their destiny or is love enough to prevail against all odds? ------------- Meet Raigon Wang, a Crowned Prince from the hidden land of Terra, who is hell-bent on protecting his City since the great bloodbath took place fifteen years ago. But will he be able to pursue his goal or will he succumb to the pressure of love after meeting Zoe Cheng, a persecuted orphan turned into a dauntless ambitious doctor from the modern world, with her own set of goals, whom he deliriously yearns to be his queen? -------------- AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my FIRST NOVEL so forgive me in advance if you see some mistakes. This is also my entry for SPIRITY AWARD. Yes, your author is ambitious. :D Its genre is URBAN FANTASY so expect to see a mixture of the modern contemporary world and royal kingdom hierarchies. There will be three volumes for this book. Volume I - The Doctor Princess Volume II - The Chairwoman Volume III - The Queen I'll do my best to update daily at 11am GMT+8! -------------- Excerpt: “Let me go!” Zoe thought of screaming these words as she struggled to fight him off on top of him. But when she gazed at him, her arms gradually surrendered and let go. At first his eyes bored into her. He scrutinized every part of her soul with his brows knitted together. Then the tension in his face melted little by little as his eyes opened wide. Then they became full of longing, joy, and compassion. His gaze upon her made her feel that he knew everything about her and her ugly past and yet embraced all of it together with who she was now... All traces of vengeance left in her body melted away. A teardrop fell on her cheeks. Who is this man? He is a stranger to her. Why does he have an effect on her like she knew him for a long time? At that moment, she wanted to hug him and cry her heart out. She wanted to let him know how the world treated her believing that he would take her side. Zoe crumpled her forehead and tilted her head, trying to remember who he was. “She didn’t remember me,” Raigon thought as he saw her beautiful ethereal face scrunched up. He relaxed his hold on Zoe and turned over to his side. They were now at right angles on the sand. “I’m glad that you’re alive.” He whispered. **** Thank you in advance for your support for this aspiring author. Buy me a Coffee -- https://ko-fi.com/authorhadassah Paypal Account -- paypal.me/authorhadassah **** If you see some mistakes, suggest ideas or you simply want to chat with me, you can contact me here: Discord Link: https://discord.gg/e5Gy7g Facebook: @authorhadassah Facebook Group: @Hadassah's Corner Instagram: #authorhadassah Twitter: @AuthorHadassah Hope you enjoy reading this book! Love and hugs!

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