Lily: The Lady in FlatsLily: The Lady in Flats

Lily: The Lady in Flats

by Aciee_GelaTin

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“Me? A model…? No way!” Or so she thought. At the age of sixteen, Lillian Daffodil was to embark on a journey of ‘finding oneself’ – an archaic proverb that means shaping one’s future. Lillian is a commoner who’s quite privileged to carry out this quest in the prestigious city of Ellicht, the prosperous walled capital of the empire where professionals of various expertise are trained by undergoing apprenticeship. From merchants to craftsmen, the range of courses to choose from is broad. Yet, for the country bumpkin with a peculiar sense of ingenuity, the search for oneself is more grueling and complicated than what she initially believed. “Why even train or work? I could just marry off to a nobleman or something! I'll be able to live a lavish life in no time!” Or so she thought. At the age of sixteen, Lillian Daffodil – reckless and hoydenish with unladylike mien and pursuits – made enemies of Cupid and turned out to be an unfortunate case in matters of love. Just how will a girl of no luck in both affairs survive? (Cover Photo not mine: Credits to the original artist) (STORY PAUSED FOR NOW: UNDER EDITING PHASE) (Want advanced chapters? Join me on Patreon: @AcieeWrites)

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