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Status: c3
There really is nothing special about this...MC has a card system, was in the dxd world for 16 yrs BUT didnt meet any of the cast cause of the plot...for some retarded, reason he rushes to save issei cause of a quest BUT he has no powers or anything....

MC dosnt seem intelligent, like this is a fan boy type MC,,,,he has no plans, it starts at cannon time, MC has no interesting traits other than his powers, the CD is minimum, like its not new author level new, its just not there. ie: characters just meet and talk and move on..

Also it seems that this author is a fan of rias, just read chp 3 [not fan fan, but sees her as a somewhat sad existence- something I see as retarded, cause rias is an idiot, not sad]...

BUT it kinda seems like MC wont cuck issei so yah, but this is not certain so far

BUT even if goes after rias still weird cause she still " slept " with issei...like I dont get why if she does this she dosnt do same for raiser and secretly kill him in his sleep, she has pride and a questionable self worth...she dosnt have to **** raiser, just use a poison to kill and no one will know or something like that, cause if she uses her body to get issei, why not do same to save her self or something,,,this is why she is retarded, to me ]

.IDK, overall its not pazzaz?...

Do what you will with this info..

GL to you author.

**: actual rating is 2 stars,,,,reason I gave 3 is cause I dont really argue with someone saying I am being a cruel
2 months ago
Status: c24
Welp first of all I don't like it, but to pay respect to the author effort for writing this piece of crap I forced my self to read till chap 24, the mc is person without any personality, the first quest was kinda bellow average but the second was sh*it, I kinda understand  that the author didn't wanted to make him too op by fvcking up the rewards but the punishment is death, I mean wtf happened?? 
The second thing is the peerages, I don't mind the mc he knows wtf he is getting himself into. Its basically slavery. 
According to Wikipedia

Slavery is any system in which principles of property law are applied to people, allowing individuals to own, buy and sell other individuals, as a de jure form of property.[1] A slave is unable to withdraw unilaterally from such an arrangement and works without remuneration. Many scholars now use the term chattel slavery to refer to this specific sense of legalised, de jure slavery. In a broader sense, however, the word slavery may also refer to any situation in which an individual is de facto forced to work against their own will. Scholars also use the more generic terms such as unfree labour or forced labour to refer to such situations.[2] However, and especially under slavery in broader senses of the word, slaves may have some rights and protections according to laws or customs.


So it's clear that dxd peerage allows people to :

own people
sell/buy people
"a slave is unable to withdraw"(strays are killed)
BUT this is a devil story so its kinda average to see a devil trick someone, its in their blood, BUT trowing yourself to the shit is an action that even a 5 years old would know is bad. 
The third reason and the most hateful one is the mc is forced to help issei by a quest witch is kinda fvck up in the two directions, first the mc's host is the mc not issei so its kinda dumb to see a tool helps another person against its master, second issei is a person that you can't even like, the guy, literally is a pervert with a god tier luck, so yeah everybody hates him,for real I wouldn't doubt if in the end of the story come out to be a manipulative motherfucka. That will be more interesting that the real canon when he let Asia dies, the best part of the actual story that his kids hate him for be coward and his fvck up obsession with bo*bs.
1 month ago
Status: c6
He becomes sonaโ€™s slave so if you enjoy reading about a slave MC then this is for you                                                       
1 month ago
Status: c9
Mc is sonas slave and preaches the art of simping 

1 month ago
Status: c18
Reveal spoiler
1 month ago
Status: c17
Reveal spoiler
1 month ago
Status: c17
It was quite the interesting read, even if it was flawed, until it hit a certain chapter and it turned ****. I have no doubt the author is not going to change anything, and I respect him for his dedication in writing, but honestly this novel is not for me. It turned into a real mess with no direction, no synergy real quick. You have no idea what the f is going on at that point, and our MC's family situation turns real f ed up quick. The author's sense of writing takes a nosedive, or maybe it was like that in the first place, and the novel just turns into a hentai/**** plot lmao. Suddenly his power isnt the card power, its just some incubus esque women fucking power that attracts 6 or 7 females for him in a week lul. And his mother is a huge super duper mega hoe* btw, and she aint afraid to flaunt it like a badge of honor it seems. Anyway, until that chapter it was actually going alright, but my brain cannot read past that atrocity. One final thing, his future daughters who inherit his bloodline are also gonna be mega whores too, with potentially the number of males in the whole universe as their body count
1 month ago
Status: c5
The system idea is good, but the author wants to make mc to be the devil slave.

So mc has come to dxd world before the plot? And didn't gate to interact with the main chara? Wow, 1year in the same school but didn't get to build relationships with anyone from dxd main plot?.
1 month ago
Status: c16
I would have given less than one sadly 1 is minimum. To me itโ€™s absolute waste of time. 
1. Silly idiot personality
2. Becoming a slave / Peerage / Servant of sona absolutely destroys novel for me
1 month ago
Status: c14
I am the exp of my sword
Webnovel is my body, and exp is my blood...
I have created over a thousand useless review...
Unknown to death, nor known to life...
Have withstood pain to create many reviews...
Yet, those hands will never hold anything...

So, as i pray...Unlimited Exp Works!
1 month ago
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