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2 Xue Mo

In the Blood-Drinking Mountain Range, the most influential people in the Divine Hell Universe gathered to stop one abomination.

"Xue Mo, this is the end for you." Xue Mo heard a voice that woke him up from his dazed state. He turned around, trying to comprehend what was happening when the voice continued speaking. "You may have been able to survive for ten days, but today is the day you die."

"Xue Mo, if you give up and surrender the Chaos Harmony Scripture, we might spare your life! If you continue on this pointless endeavor, the only path forward is death," spoke another man, whose body was coated in blood from fighting.

"Wang Chong, why waste any more words on him? Let's kill him and take it from his dead body. After we kill him, we will not need to fear him anymore. We can free this world from this devil. It will also benefit the entire Divine Hell Universe, by removing the strongest and most dangerous individual".

Cultivators who had reached the Divine Celestial Stage could use the Universe's laws to do their bidding. Their powers had achieved a level no ordinary cultivator could reach. They had a lifespan that could extend for millions of years. Their fame had reached the entire realm where they were worshiped or feared, for their power in that world knew no bounds.

Even Cultivators of their caliber had put their pride aside and banded together to face one man, to meet one devil.

The red of the red and black robes were indistinguishable from the blood that coated it. Xue Mo stood upright with his noble and captivating devilish face. He stood proudly, his arrogance exuding from every fiber of his being, against dozens of both righteous and devilish cultivators.

In his right hand was a spear that had killed countless adversaries and absorbed their blood. On his wrists coiled a chain as black as the Abyss, while in his left hand, he held the Chaos Harmony Scripture. It was the scripture that would overturn the current laws of the Divine Hell Universe upside down.

Xue Mo exuded an aura and a pressure that could kill an average person just by being near him. Xue Mo stood against his enemies, resolute in carrying out his goals till the very end.

He displayed an image unique only to him that made all the surrounding Celestials seem as insignificant as bugs. His mind, calm and bright as the day he gained enlightenment on the next path of Cultivation. Still, his eyes were the usual apathetic that someone with his life experiences typically had. The eyes exuded the desire to reach further heights in Cultivation.

His eyes that were unfeeling, and rigid, the eyes of someone who would massacre entire sects without even flinching, a dim glow of something no one thought possible, an expression of extreme yearning and warmth appeared.

With his usual cold and detached voice, Xue Mo, someone who never displayed his emotions said,

"This world is too low for me!" The statement Xue Mo had given held a hint of resoluteness to it revealing his current emotions at that moment. This expression made the Celestials around gasp, for they never thought this cold and unfeeling man could show emotions.

The top experts, who were observing him intently for any sign of retaliation, knew what he was talking about but could never fathom the concept of his words, for they might be the top experts in this world. Still, they hadn't reached the apex that he had achieved.

From the first appearance of his name on the tongues of prominent clans and sects, when he annihilated a famous righteous sect while being a mere unknown weakling. To his most significant achievement of killing the strongest Cultivator of the realm with one stab of his spear.

No race would dare get close to him, fearing the annihilation of the entire race, not to mention children who heard stories from their parents about him. Even mindless beasts developed an innate fear of him.

He had long reached the highest Cultivation realm this world had allowed him to achieve. This enabled him to feel the chains that were binding the domain and stopping his advancements.

To reach greater heights, Xue Mo felt that he had to destroy whatever it was confining him.

The first thought that came to him was, 'I'll destroy it and open a path for the higher realms,' and that's what he tried to do. Yes, tried to. Unfortunately, he failed again and again. That was when he thought, 'Maybe there is another way to break the chains.'

Because of his experience, Xue Mo thought of an atypical way, and that was the reason that he wanted to try to break through using his own strength. This way, he would have at least tried and did all he can, while testing his current power over something that can lock and seal worlds. Seeing that he was still weak, compared to the laws that were binding the Divine Hell Universe, Xue Mo gave up and went on a trip to find another way. A way to finally get out and explore what additional power this Universe might have for him.

Xue Mo had journeyed and searched for a means to break these chains, and finally, after one hundred thousand years, he found it—the 'key' to breaking the chains.



In the most profound and dangerous territory of the Divine Hell Universe, the Shadow Abyss stood a young-looking man that didn't look a day over twenty-five. He had a sharp-looking face with black-colored eyes and purplish-red hair. His lean muscular contours made him look handsome, though it was contrasted by his severe, cold, unfeeling, and disdaining personality.

This man was none other than Xue Mo. He would have looked nice if it weren't for all the spirit beasts and other races' corpses strewn around him. This made him look even more fiendish, with his stiff-looking face that didn't seem to ever change in expression as if saying 'I don't care who you are .... if come at me and you will meet death.'

In his right hand, Xue Mo held one of the two items that he had squandered thousands of years searching for.

The Chaos Harmony Scripture.

A cultivation technique that had come from Primordial Origin, which was a powerful entity capable of many things. A great existence, only mentioned by name with information on such an entity never given. This made the Chaos Harmony Scripture even more important and mysterious. It was one of the two treasures that could change the structure of an individual's soul completely.

It was also one half that made up the 'key,' which would allow Xue Mo to break the chains confining the Divine Hell Universe.

While in his left hand, Xue Mo also held the second 'key' part, which he had just found.

The last piece of the 'key' was a shard of Primordial Origin, or that's what the information that he gained when he touched it entailed.

Just as he was about to combine them and forge the 'key,' Xue Mo noticed that he had lost too much blood. He didn't know how, but after killing all those who were after him and opening a path to find the key components, he had only gotten a small scratch.

Just as Xue Mo was about to die from blood loss, he had found the reason he was losing blood. The 'key' parts that he had painstakingly collected had been draining his lifeblood from the small scratch without him even noticing.

After drinking all the blood around Xue Mo, the two parts of the 'Key,' the Chaos Harmony Scripture and the Primordial Origin shard, started shining with a blinding light that spread through the entire realm.

It temporarily blinded everyone in the realm, from the strongest cultivators to the ordinary people of the domain, no one was able to see anything at that moment. It was as if Heaven itself did not want anyone to know what was transpiring.

Just as the light started to dim down, Xue Mo's body began falling to the ground, disintegrating into nothingness, and ending the legend of the strongest Cultivator that the Divine Hell Universe had known.

When his Soul started leaving his disintegrating body and entered the reincarnation cycle, the two 'key' components that were supposed to help him open the realm and destroy the chains confining it started vibrating and integrating. Creating the 'key.' As if they had found their veritable master, they stopped Xue Mo's Soul from leaving. They dashed towards it until they came face to face, and that's when it happened.

The now forged 'key' took Xue Mo's Soul and dragged it towards the lock that was binding the Divine Hell Universe. It materialized a keyhole and entered.

As it did, it twisted itself, making a clicking hum that had sounded like the chiming of bells, letting it reverberate through the entire realm. As if to announce the departure of the Soul of a particular person Soul, that was once the most influential and detestable person ever to set foot in the Divine Hell Universe.

The departure of Xue Mo

As the Soul started flying out of the realm, the key twisted again and made sure that the string locking the world was still there.

While the lock was dematerializing, the 'key' followed through the crack before it closed, escaping from the still closed off realm. As soon as it neared the Soul, the key separated into the two 'key' parts again. Then, they entered the Soul. As if they had found their veritable master or even Primordial Origin itself, making it seem like they had always been a part of it.

When the shards fused with the Soul, a kind of chain reaction was set off that changed the Soul's fundamental composition, transforming it into its purest form. This created a unique Soul, never seen like before.

When all of this finished, the Chaos Harmony Scripture that was now part of the new Soul, started changing and becoming something similar to a chaotic but stable transparent energy.

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