Way Of The DarknessWay Of The Darkness

Way Of The Darkness

by ChaoiticHeaven

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Xue Mo he was the strongest in his world. The strongest of all races, but he wasn’t satisfied with the life. After reaching the Apex, and becoming the strongest of the world, he sensed it, the thing stopping him from going further, from reaching higher, but to achieve it, he had to sacrifice everything. Now Xue Mo has become unbound, he broke through the world, and became something else by doing so, something more, a new kind of being, never have been seen before. Follow Xue Mo as he explores his new race, and the new existence that he became and see if it changes him or just consolidates his being. Important Note: I am a new author so my upload might not be consistent i might upload every day or i might not upload for a month or more it all depends on my author block and believe me i get it a lot. this novel will have a one partner ROMANCE i will never make a novel that has a HAREM period. I will try to make the FL not lag behind the ML and try to make them a power couple sort sometimes. This novel will have cruelty sometimes gore and torture and many dark themes and i will try to make a calm collected MC that thinks before he rushes into things and not some hotblooded guy who only knows to make trouble the MC will be meticulous or at least I will try to make him be. Enjoy and thx for reading

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