I Love You Uncle PatchI Love You Uncle Patch

I Love You Uncle Patch

by Anna_Iza

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“Excuse me.” “Can I help you with something sir?” Turning in a rage, “will you give the young lady that get wet, this money for me please?” “I am sorry Sir, but I cannot do that.” “Then kindly check and see if she has fainted or something, the length of time women takes to change.” “Sir, you don’t understand, the young lady left almost ten minutes ago.” “Was she badly hurt?” He tried to relax realizing, 'Jezell was right, the young lady makes me feel on edge, but why? Seeing her in the mall for the first time, when she collided into us, it was not planned it was an accident, she seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere, but why were she smiling even when Jezell was rude by showing her the third finger. No one has ever gotten under my skin like that before and it irritates the hell out of me, then her running in front the car, I know it was not on purpose. I could see she was in pain but why didn’t she say something, someone else might have shouted at me because I was wrong, and why was I so ignorant, I didn’t even know it was her.’

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