Re: Level 100 FarmerRe: Level 100 Farmer

Re: Level 100 Farmer

by John_Doever

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When Li's level 100 game character is transported to a fantasy world, he is unstoppable. But...all he wants to do is be a farmer? Watch as Li tries to maintain his peaceful daily life in a chaotic world full of magic and knights. ____ Updates: 1 a day FOREWARD/WARNING: The novel has a SLOW pace and due to updating once a day, it may feel even slower. However, I can at least guarantee that it will have very good readability and good grammar that is routinely proofread. The pace of the story will accelerate as enough chapters mount up to build things up. Also, another warning, but the novel does not focus entirely on farming and crafting. As a result, those looking for a novel that focuses solely on crafting aspects may find themselves disappointed. In any case, whether you have criticisms or enjoy the book, thanks for reading! Discord: https://discord.gg/8xUSxbH

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