Tricking My Cold LoverTricking My Cold Lover

Tricking My Cold Lover

by LiLhyz

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“I don’t like women directly reporting to me!” He yelled at her after learning he would be working with a mere woman. Xia Yanmei replied, “I understand how you don’t like women and I support you wholeheartedly.” “Are you a lunatic? I just said I detest women!” Anton Yeong repeated himself, already agitated. His brows were drawn together while his eyes were like a laser, ready to pierce a hole through her body. “Oh, you were referring to me? I’m sorry. Sometimes, I forget. I am actually a woman… The truth is, I am a man trapped in a woman’s body!” That was all she could think of to secure his trust. In order to keep her job and remain away from her father’s pestering, she tricked the cold and powerful Aton Yeong. It was from that moment that he was willing to give her a chance, and it was because she turned herself into gay that she kept living a lie... only to regret it after falling for his unorthodox approach. ***** “Can you pretend to be my girlfriend?“ Said the icy man wearing her silk robe. The man before her was none other than Anton Yeong the CEO of JKW Investments and Yeong Guns and Ammos Corporation. Belonging to one of the wealthiest families in Korea, many women wished to be wed to this indifferent man, but he chose to make her his fake lover. ***** What happens when a man who swore women away gets into a fake relationship who equally hates men? Will they find their way to believe in love? Anton Yeong believed that relationships were a burden because of his dark world. Will he lower down his guard for the right girl? This is the story of Xia Yanmei and Anton Yeong. Two individuals who swore never to fall in love. They find themselves in a hilarious misunderstanding, preventing them from telling their true heart’s yearning. Join me as I tell this romantic-comedy through this book and hope that you will love it the same way as my first novel. I have two covers, one is a bought licensed picture. The other is a photo by Sergio Souza of Unsplash. If you prefer a novel that is naughty with both action and lots of love (smuts included), you may go for The President's Lover is a Fighter. Support me and my love of telling a story through PayPal: paypal.me/LiLHyzAuthor

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