Music for my Unspoken Words.... Chase me for your Second ChanceMusic for my Unspoken Words.... Chase me for your Second Chance

Music for my Unspoken Words.... Chase me for your Second Chance

by summerzpoison

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On a cold winters night the only sound of a violin playing a very popular song. The servants knew that the Madam of the house is lonely again. It's Christmas and yet their master is having fun with his mistress... This will be the day you will regret everything, Louie Chen... You, your family and my family, will regret it... And when that day comes I'm no longer the person you have met... The documents have been signed and it is already on the nightstand table; the divorce papers; the agreement documents that he can't take anything from her whether it is a living or non-living thing. The only treasures that she has are her violin, flute, the necklace with infinity pendant that her grandfather gave to her, and her sketchbooks. She doesn't want anything from him, and his family. She will leave everything that he bought for her..... From clothes, shoes to pieces of jewelry... She doesn't want any alimony. All the servants help her packed her things; even though she only got 2 bags. She gave them a simple gift from her as they become her family even though it is not blood-related. At exactly midnight Luna left the Chen Mansion... She hailed a taxi and went directly to a train station. She will be going to City F; from there she will start her new life. ----------- The cover page is not mine..... credits to the owner. This is my first time to write I hope for your kind considerations and this novel is purely fictional... Thank you, Ms. Clarrisa Gonzales, for the cover page For those who would like to have a cover page just like mine, you can seek Ms. Clarrisa Gonzales FB page at Claribellie Classics.

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