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Status: c0
So, this one got selected... Certainly the quality and originality were not the deciding factors. A generic plot of the reincarnated urban cultivator genre, arrogant and self-centered MC, if you read Strongest Aband. Son, Rebirth of Urban Cultiv., Returning from Immortal World, it's more of the same but worse.
4 months ago
Status: c59
First let me tell you something. This novel is not bad but the author is full of sh*t. It is ok as far as the genre of op protagonists goes. You will see face smacking and you will see an overbearing protagonist. 

The reason why I gave this novel a bad rating is because of a certain paragraph in the 59th chapter. Idk why it ticked me of so much since I'm quite used to bullsh*t chinise nation*lism, but this one was so over my fking tolerance bar.
The current antagonist in that chapter says something and then says how popular it is in western countries. He literally could have said that it is popular with some minority of sick people. But nooooo its popular in the horrid West. Fck off!!! 
4 months ago
Status: c60
I’m caught up with the Translations. So far so good but there are a few holes, that it’s quite worrying. We don’t know if they’re inconsistencies yet since the Translations haven’t reached that point yet. 
So far good quality writing and perhaps even the best Dad-Novel ever.

It’s still to soon to judge as not enough chapters. But I feel very optimistic. 

You can never tell with CNs. This can become polygamy from a flick of switch or get ruined by some BS.
4 months ago
Status: c0
This is just more generic trash that goes through the same face-slapping plots just like the other 100 stories like this one. Honestly I'm not sure how this got picked or why more people are voting for this over Losing Money To Be A Tycoon.... smh people on this site suck.
3 months ago
Status: c36
Full of repeated plot lines. I don’t care which book came first or second. But I see that there are shït tonne of repeated plot lines. What do u expect a immortal cultivator who has immortal body to do in modern world? Even if they self imposed to not steal or resort to criminal activities, there are lot of ways. But, it’s China, so strut ur stuff in front of old acquaintance or exes, go to the antique shop, have something to do with makeup, oh and find a rich family to cure them of something....I bet there will be stone gambling too. 

Things I like: MC is not a teenager or young adult that looses his shít next second a 2D side character comes. And love the daughter character. 

Author did a good job of padding with words. 
4 months ago
Status: c26
So far it is good...........................................................................................................................
4 months ago
Status: c1
Reveal spoiler
4 months ago
Status: c60
The story is good .I love it .the mc is ruthless when comes to enemies and soft to love ones but he is not handsome as other mc's like in novels .
4 months ago
Status: c144
Story seems ok but the stability of updates is just not there thwy bring privilege then stop updating with not so much a message saying why or anything
2 months ago
Status: c32
No very good repetitive.

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3 months ago
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