15-year-old crown prince and cold boss from 21st century Book

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15-year-old crown prince and cold boss from 21st century


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This is a boys's love story between a young crown prince from ancient time and a cold bossy ceo from modern time. Little crown prince Liam of Qi empire was followed by a group of murderers and killed in the progress. And when he regained his consciousness, he found himself being in the 21st century. The original owner of his body was dead because of a car accident . Now this little crown prince becomes a senior middle school student in modern time. His body's father, ceo of a small company , passed away in the accident, so as the only child of his family, it's on his shoulders to expand this little business. As a brilliant prince , he made up his mind to do both works at the same time ,one is as a student and the other one is as a ceo. Of course, people doubt his ability. How can a little student like him be the leader of their company? But he was a crown prince in his previous life. It's not a big deal for him. The real problem begins when he met Lu Jiang, young master of Xin group. His body's original owner caused a problem with him for his friend. Now he urgently needs the cooperation of Xin group for a project. How would their story go?How would they turn out to be a couple at last?