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"Hand it over to Mr.Collins and ask him to keep it safe" she whispered, barely managing to breath in the surrounding before slamming the doors. Those were the last words of Mrs. Savannah Perez, the wife of Mr. Lorenzo Perez the richest man on earth. In the Dark Night the igniting house was the only source of light. That day I learned something; Light is not always our destination, sometimes we need to hide in the Dark just for the sake of living. The Beautiful Perez Mansion once filled with giggles and baby laugh was burning with screams. Still sound of Gun-shots somehow manage to rule over all other voices. As cold as Ice, the object was complete opposite of current situation. In all this blazing hot environment there was a Hope of new start. The thing Mrs.Perez gave me! Securely surrounded in between my folded arms. Unfolding my arms, my eyes fall on the object and it's beauty captivated my mind. On A Cold Silver Plate Engraved in Italic was . . . 14.3024225

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