8 VI City

The scorching sun shone while the high temperature caused the soil surface to crack. When the sole hit the hard ground, a sudden heat wave hit the sole, causing travelers to drip sweat while cursing the terrible weather.

Because he didn't want to risk having others attack him because of his expensive looking clothes, Kallen had long since changed in a set of plain, yet comfortable clothes the Leviathan printed for him.

On the wide yellow road, a young man dressed in a yellow slowly moved forward, with each step the young man took, his feet hit the ground hard as if it were not a foot but a ton of weight, spraying a cloud of dust.

If one were to take a closer look at the boy, one would be surprised to see that the youngster had strange pitch-black handcuffs in both his two hands and feet.

"Levi, it has been two days and the sun is melting my whole body with this heat. What is this thing on my wrist and feet you made me wear?" On the surface of the handcuffs were fuzzy and bizarre veined patterns connected to a small ship inside the device. As the boy moved, all his limbs he's trembled under the stress these things did to his muscles due to his weight.

"Isn't this thing way too heavy? What should have been a one day and a half to reach the city has already become two days, moreover, we have yet to reach even the nearest guard post!" Kallen heavily breathed as he put a lot of effort to spit out these words, his voice was already somewhat hoarse from the overexertion.

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[Hey, it's all about the training. Despite I firmly believing that this world's cultivation is nothing but primitive, a smart man is always prepared for any event and so should you and having a strong and trained body is nothing that bad. Alas, you don't need to be a cultivator to practice these rare martial art books.]

[Other than having a body slightly stronger than ordinary cultivators, you are still just a ant that can be trampled at any moment. And since we decided to have you train, you should expect nothing less than the most hellish treatment.]

'You devil! ' Kallen cursed in his heart, but he agreed in his mind. He did rely on a sneak attack to that fight, if those men he killed two days ago had to face him even if 1x1, he would most certainly be dead in seconds.

[These handcuffs are an artifact I got from a member of the Machina race, each part weights approximately four to five sacks of rice. These four pieces together are about full 18 sacks, you can multiply its weight from 1 to 10 in the switch right in its back.]

Out of the corner of his eye, he looked at these objects on his wrist in amazement and horror. He didn't expect this ordinary-looking object to be so scary. Before this, Kallen had never experienced the true meaning of tiredness like he did today.

[Boy, Drink this!]

A flask came flying out of nowhere as he grabbed it in his hand, looking closer at the flask filled with a green fluid, he immediately removed the cork and after cautiously sweeping his gaze over the nearby road to make sure that no one was around before swallowing all the fluid with one gulp.

This flask was the result of the Leviathan "Fixing" the drugs and medicine left by those cultivators from before. One bottle of this could increase one's recovery rate and keep his stomach full for one entire day.

Like he always heard even before in the village as a kid, having any medicine or pill would only have the highest effect right after a long and tiring exercise. After this long trip, Kallen was already starting to see others traveling on their way to the City Gate forming a huge line of people.

Before the sky gradually darkened, Kallen finally arrived at the gates of VI City which was the closest one to the Ironwood Forest and the Green Serpent Mountain Range. VI City had this name mainly because it has been the sixth city founded from the beginning of the Soul Empire.

Because of the mountain range which was filled with beasts was located near the city, the majority of the people within this city were cultivators who spent their days feeding their blades with the blood of the beasts.

Lots of cultivators would settle in the city to work as mercenaries and would form troupes that walked hand in hand on the streets, while brazenly discussing about women, where to find the strongest liquor and which area had the most fierce Beasts.

[Boy, what are we going to do now?]

"Not sure, I believe that as we just arrived in the city it is best to keep a low profile. I have a few gold coins with me, so taking a look at the local market should be a good thing, who knows we find what we are looking for."

Soon, Kallen spotted many stores both sides of the street, they could be said to be rather popular. Kallen walked by a few of them with an interested gaze moving across the brightly lit stores before finally stopping at a rather large store.

Having the extensive storage of the Leviathan, Kallen did not have much interest in things like weapons or armor but he had a huge interest in the various ores found in the mountains. As long as he could find a precious materials, he would be able to help repair the Leviathan.

Even though no one welcomed him, Kallen didn't seem to care. His eyes slowly swept across the transparent display until arriving on a pile yellow rock, slightly dazed at what he found.

"Yellow Cloud Rock, cleans impurities when put on water, 16 silver a piece? Who gave it such a name?" The young boy muttered in astonishment as he stared blankly at the written description under the pile of yellow rock.

Shaking his head, just as he prepared to leave empty handed, his randomly wandering gaze suddenly stopped.

His gaze pierced through the transparent display case to stare at the light-red object in the corner of the shop.

"Er ... Could I trouble you to let me have a closer look at this object." Hiding his excitement as hard as he could, Kallen lifted his head towards a male shop assistant and said with a smile.

Having been called, the young shop assistant casts a glance towards the boy in plain clothes before glancing at the item he requested for.

After discovering that it was the most lowly graded ore in the store, the young shop assistant curled his lip and with impatience, he retrieved the item from the display case.

"Red Grave Iron, low level ore, one hundred silver coins." To any family in the city, one hundred silver coins were more than they earned in half a year. And looking at the plain clothing Kallen wore, the assistant didn't seem to think he had the money to buy this chunk of Red Grave Iron.

When looking closer, a faint scent of blood seemed to spread around this chunk of iron. The leviathan who was connected directly to his mind was astonished.

[Little brat, your luck amazing, you actually managed to find such a rare thing in this backwards planet! What Red Grave, this is the Blood Ocean Ignium. The heavens really didn't abandon us!]

Kallen was surprised to hear the Leviathan sound so emotional as now.

[Boy with a chunk as big as this, I may be able to not only repair my outer shell even faster as we can try to forge you a ultimate weapon!]

"Ultimate Weapon..." Kallen was surprised, yet, he had to keep himself calm in a moment like this to not draw attention to this object.


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