23 The Relics of a Pilot

"The eight of us used to work for the Northern Star Empire, the Empire that rules over the northern side of the Galaxy. Then we got hit by a Electromagnetic nebula and our ship fell on this planet. You must have seen it, the diary we left must have all the information." Umbra inspected Kallen up and down. Despite his burly built he still looked as small as a child before, and even his skin color was more on the white side, yet he could feel in his blood there was some connection between them.

"Well, we have a lot we want to talk with you, pity time is against us. The Demon Beast that escaped was one of a kind, The Spectral Demon Beast. Even the people who you call Undying Lord would need at least six thousand people at the same power level in order to defeat it." The two headed person showed a huge image of the creature he saw in the crater. From what he learned, forty-one thousand years ago, the number of experts was much higher than now.

Fortunately, just as the current level of cultivators decreased, the power of the sealed demon also weakened after forty thousand years. However he wasn't confident in the sect master of the Sacred Soul Sect to defeat this demon creature.

Then he thought of something. "If you guys called me here, then there is a way for me to help?"

"Yes..." A machine-like being was the one to speak this time. His eyes were focused on Kallen's face as he asked. "I have noticed the real you has some devices taken from outer space, am I right? Like that sword, you used outer space tech to make your sword fly. Also, the purple rock you carry with you is for any case a spatial stone?"

Kallen was immediately taken aback, then he entered deep thought and soon understood. It was obvious the eight ancestors of the aboriginal clans of the Ironwood forest would have prior knowledge about such things.

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"How did you know?! Oh I guess you guys are not from here after all, the Spatial Stone was given to me by the leviathan, I'm his pilot after all." Kallen scratched his head in the virtual world.

Almost in the same instant, all the eight ancestors cried out in pure utter shock. "You?! Leviathan's pilot!!!"

"...." Kallen didn't see the reason for such a reaction. He did know the Leviathan was pretty amazing, but even now his mind didn't understand how valuable the space-bending talent of the Leviathan truly was.

"This is good, really good. Maybe you can do it, Horus do you still have it?" The small cat with a single horn on its head and golden wings turned to the mechanical creature.

"Ohhh, I have it in the palace. How could I have not thought about it?! Boy when you leave the sixth room on the left of the third floor of the palace, you will find a passage leading to a secret room where we stored some treasures we gathered here on this planet. There is the weapon used by a former Leviathan's Pilot, with it you should be able to finish off the demon that escaped."

"Then we need to first teach this kid a few things first before sending him out."


Kallen didn't know how much time he spent in that place, by the time he went to search for the weapon used by a pilot like him he found lots of gold, artifacts, scroll filled with secret cultivation arts of that time and age, even some things about the eight ancestors research on vital power and runic formations.

There were also some pieces of alien tech, and this time most were in a much better state than the ones back in the leviathan. Maybe because the leviathan has been here on this planet for a lot longer than them.

Among all those treasures, a single piece at the center of the secret room was what attracted him the most.

A colorless vest was resting over a pair of revolvers. Those revolvers were different from every other alien weapon he had seen, they weren't all that big and also didn't seem to have any place to charge the batteries, change ammo or anything like that.

The seamless pair of revolvers had strange patterns over them similar to those he saw inside the leviathan. It belonged to the language used between certain special space beasts like the Leviathan.

From what he was told, those type of weapons had something called a genetic lock and only Pilots, who have the genetic trace of a leviathan can wield such weapons.

Reaching out with his hand, he felt a thin prickle the moment he touched the vest and it suddenly rose from the ground and covered his body. All his other clothes were reduced to dust, instead there was a slim colorless skin-tight suit over his body, arms and legs.

The pair of revolvers also seemed to have felt the presence of a new master and floated from the ground before it fit into his hands.

There was the feeling as if something had been connected to his brain. The vest and revolvers seemed to have a symbiotic connection to him, almost like living beings. The feeling was identical to the connection he felt between him and the leviathan. Pity they were too neutral without any colors.

"Pi Pi"

The pair of revolvers seemed to have read his thoughts and shook a little before it started turning into a purple pair of revolvers. The colorless vest also did the same, turning into a purple suit.

"There are the weapons belonging to another fellow pilot of mine?" While he didn't know the owner of these revolvers and tactical suit he still thanked deeply before storing all other treasures on the spatial stone.

Before leaving he bowed to the altar once more, paying respects for his ancestors before jumping on his sword and flying away. He crossed the forest as fast as he could and when he reached the gates and left, the all signs of battle in that area were.

Several hours passed by in that other place, and it was night already. The strange creatures, the demon beast or even the member of the Sacred Soul Sect also seemed to have vanished. Everything was empty from the huge crater on the ground to as far the eye could see.

Despite how peaceful it felt, his instinct were buzzling, and he couldn't keep a feeling something bad was going to happen.

Speeding up, he flew through the sky on his flying sword, by the time he approached the region of VI City, Kallen turned tense as he saw several bright spots all over the city as huge clouds of black smoke formed right above it.

"Bright spots... No, fire?" Even from far away he could see the bright flames illuminating the city in this dark night. The moment he noticed the city was on fire, he tried to get back fast and upon approaching the gates he was surprised with the amount of ruined buildings and strong smell of blood.

Several rays of vital power also shot out from the ground at the same time towards the mass of black smoke.

He didn't know if those guys from the sect managed to survive, but from this scene in front of him was the proof the demon beast was attacking the city.

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