4 The Leviathan

For what seemed like ages, his body fell into that endless darkness. Falling and falling, he couldn't even see a single ray of light, but as he fell, Kallen wasn't angry anymore, no, he has never felt so calm as he was at this moment.

At some point, he couldn't keep himself conscious any longer and collapsed in what he knew it would be his last sleep.

"Mmm.... Wait, where am I?" Opening his eyes, a glass dome appeared before his eyes. His back was lying on a cold metal floor as blurriness took him once more. He closed and his and opened once again, only to see a massive and demonic figure with six arms and a purple body.

"Grr ha, I-it seems you have finally woken up I'm sorry, it seems I'm still not with the language used in this world." This demonic figure's scary eyes were locked on him, and when observed the gaze filled with shock, fear, and uncertainty coming from Kallen, it stared at its own body before continuing.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I guess this shape is too scary for you people. Let me think of something better..." When that entire creature changed, it first grew small and thinner before lots of fur started to appear.

"By the Holy Duck." Kallen was fixed on that little rabbit staring at him, his arms reached out as he tried to touch it only to see that his hand passed through it without like this creature in front of him not even existed.

'I'm seeing things? I can't be dead already, right?' While Kallen began to question reality itself, that same white rabbit chuckled when seeing the way that boy was reacting.

"Stop, there is no need to worry, you are not dead and neither I'm a product of your imagination. Even if it was, there is no way a being so limited such as your kind would appear to imagine something as great as me. This what you see is just a projection, I thought having a similar living being next to you would make things easier."

The rabbit raised its thin little nose high, as if proud with his line of thought. "As for my true body, you are already standing inside It. I healed your injuries while you were sleeping, what about you eat something first? You must be hungry..."

"Grrrr." Kallen was about to reply when a strong roar was emitted from his belly, and he lowered his head. Everything that was happening was too amazing for him, but then again, shouldn't have even survived that fall.

That rabbit walked in the front as it guided him, they walked to one of the walls and a massive gate opened just as he walked closer, that door lead to an enormous corridor. The materials were the same, and it had a strange mixture of both metal and organic like he had been devoured by a massive creature.

A large table was before him, with as many dishes as he could count. Only after his stomach was completely full did that rabbit gave him a small metal disk. Picking the disk, a huge sea of information cashed on his brain.

"Outside this thin world, there are countless others worlds and stars like the sun in the sky, some much greater than this one. Trillions and trillions of worlds make what a Galaxy is and trillions and trillions of galaxies are what makes this universe. No matter how powerful is a single entity, it is impossible to leave from one world to another without having a space shuttle, only starships like that can cross this infinite ocean of stars."

"The only exception is my kin, the Space Beasts. However, most special are used to calling us the Leviathan. We are a species that lives and dies in the space, our bodies are large and tough enough to travel between distances that not even the greatest spaceships in the Star Sector composed of seven galaxies are able to compare to."

Information after information was downloaded into his brain, the world, this galaxy. When seeing how big the universe is, made him realize how small and pitiful his own existence had been. He was also able to understand what this being in front of him truly is.

"I think I understand now, but why did you rescue me?" Kallen's face was much better now. From what he knew from these memories, a Leviathan is a legendary creature that one can only hope to see it in their lifetime.

"You want to know why? It is because I don't have a pilot, not anymore..." This time the voice didn't sound from the rabbit, but from the walls instead. Like it said, he was already inside the leviathan this whole time.

"Pilot?" When he repeated the word, Kallen suddenly realized the word he just said wasn't a Esethian word, but an unknown word that he could understand even if its true meaning was unknown to him.

"Pilot, yes. Like any starship, a pilot is needed. In my case, I'm much more advanced and superior in every way to these ships, but in order to use our true potential, a pilot in a neural connection is needed. In our whole lives, we can only chose one Pilot to live and die together with us. My previous Pilot broke our connection so I could survive, but I've been stuck down here since then."

"Requirements to be a pilot are two, affinity with the Leviathan and a Brain Power over 100. In this world, I have scanned every single corner and the strongest being on this continent only has 15 of Brain Power. Only then I realized this planet was nothing but a jungle full of barbarians. They have this thing called cultivation and I saw by myself how powerful those at the peak of cultivation area, but in any other world, the lowest brain power I saw was 30." The voice grew seemed indignant about how bad this world's civilization is.

Kallen stopped and searched in his head the meaning of this "Brain Power". For every single living being, the brain is the most miraculous part of the body.

Images of the many different species appeared in his mind, showing they all had a brain. Brains could possess many different forms and shapes, some haven't even had to have matter and be made of pure energy.

Brain power was the Innate value of the power of a person's brain. Higher power means higher intellect and capacity to store memories and the speed to possess information.

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"Kallen Umbra, you had an innate Brain Power of 60 since the moment of your birth. This is several times higher than the Sacred Soul Sect's Sect Master. Of course, 60 is still below the required 100 Brain Power."

"Brain Power is something that can't change with time like the body. Something pretty outstanding in many big civilizations, but down here you were seen as a trash by other trash. I was watching you all along due to levels of your brain power, and one day everything changed."

"Months ago, you were thrown into an artifact like the other thousand people to have your soul extracted and refined into cultivation resources to the Sect, but what you gained from that day is greater than anything they could take from you. Having their soul ripped out of their bodies made the Brain Power than is invisible to other scatter across the hole and being the only one that didn't die, all that brain power was absorbed by you who now possess Brain Power of 146. You be having lots of moments where you felt your headlight, your vision blurs, strange visions, you remember that girl right? A part of her soul is right inside you right now."

"Arg!" Kallen grabbed his head. Voices after voices sounded in his mind and it seemed like he was going crazy, and when his eyes were completely bloodshot, a young girl appeared in his mind and all the pain was gone.

"Eve..." The young boy suddenly burst into tears. Everything he wanted was to a hero like those in the stories he used to hear from his parents, yet, he was thrown in such a path without even having a choice.

Wiping the tears away from his face, that youth's aura changed. He was now completely focused, his eyes giving off a piercing gaze full of suppressed hatred.

"You want me to become your pilot and take you away from this planet, right? So be it, I don't have any good feeling about this stinking hell. There is only one thing I must do first before leaving..."

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