13 Soulbreaking Eye

After killing the first one, Kallen observed the Ji Mu and the other 5 mercenaries. His feet still felt a small tingling sensation due to the amount of force he exerted and even his muscles seemed to be screaming for mercy.

His body may be way stronger and sturdier than most cultivators. But without the regenerative capabilities of the vital qi, he would get tired a lot faster.

"Die!" Seeing one of their men killed, all the angry mercenaries joined forces. In an attempt to finish off this man that appeared out of nowhere. The enemy blows came from all sides, and the heat that their vital qi was giving off was almost too hot to resist.

The son of the misty leaves gang leader, Osin was eying the scene before preparing himself. He took the opportunity to unleash his strongest sword technique.

"Burning Sword of Doom's Fifth Slash: Eruption!" The fiery red vital qi infused in the sword in such high density that its black iron blade was beginning to melt. With the temperature so high and the power of this technique not even Osin's treasured sword could handle.

Pressing his feet on the ground, he pieced through the air. Crossing the whole cave in a split second, with the tip of his sword about to hit Kallen on the head.


The sword that seemed to advance stopped as if it hit a wall of the hardest crystal. Kallen on the other side showed a calm face despite the endless fear he felt, he did feel he was going to die at the moment he felt the sword nearly touching his face. Yet only at that moment did he recall the energy field he had with him, activating it made an invisible layer of energy was formed over his skin.

With it over his body all the heat that before was burning his skin had now completely vanished. there was only the sensation of something cold yet smooth all over his body.

"Er? What is... Bhuaaaa!" Osin felt confused by the sensation of hitting something hard with his sword, not the feeling of cutting through human flesh. Then all the force and energy generated in his strongest attack reflected right back to him. The energy field that soon turned off afterwards.

All of his armor immediately shattered when his body shot backwards. Thrown against the walls of the cave, he formed a huge hole. His eyes had turned white as his skin had more than a dozen burn marks all over him. Ji Mu beside him showed an impressed face, but nothing that could be perceived as fear.

Kallen knew it as well. If Osin was this difficult to win, any of the four guards that were outside at that time could finish him off. They were now trapped by the beasts in the deeper regions of the mountain range, but who knows when they will be able to come back.

And just like his worst dreams coming true, he heard sounds of steps coming from outside. Lie Bin, Kiki, Opal and Lie Ban stood before Ji Mu while giving a dark glare at Kallen. They didn't seem to be completely alright, their complexion was a bit pale while scratches were all over them. Yet the intense and powerful vital power within their bodies didn't seem to have diminished a lot.

"Levi!" Kallen as he stood still on the ground protecting Erin and the other servants of the pavilion who stood behind him. "There must be something I can do. Do you know how I can win this?!"

The Leviathan didn't respond, he seemed to be thinking about something. While there was no clue if it would work he decided it was best to try it. "There are records about a technique and race specialized in Soul Energy (Brain Power). They used to stand above all other species in the distant Spectral Galaxy. I only had a piece of this technique, and even if I were to think, your race is a bit too different. I never heard of a living being based on carbon being able to use this, maybe because there were no such things as this over there...."

"There is no such repercussions for what would happen to you if I were to teach you."

"Who cares! If I will die either way then there is one more reason for me to try it!"

"Alright, beginning the transmission..." Levi, finally got convinced to teach Kallen this weird technique. He began to transmit everything he needed to learn.

In this split second, Kallen felt as if a dozen years had passed. When he recovered from his stupor, his eyes had a whole new light within them.

Lie Bin held his spear high and aimed at him, while strong waves of vital power tied Kallen to the ground. If the vital power of Osin was like a fiery torch, then Lie Bin's was as massive and solid as a mountain. Making it almost impossible to move within the area his vital qi had covered.

"Who the hell are you brat!" Lie Ban, Lie Bin's cousin howled as his imposing manner increased. There was some suspicion in his eyes as his gaze stopped on the black-clad youth covering his head with a piece of cloth. "I know all the experts as well as young talents in the city, there is no way you are a part of them. No, you are from outside, with this slightly blue skin on your arms and sturdy body... "

Then using his vital power, he transmitted his voice in a way only he and Kallen could hear. "Ahh you are one of the aboriginals I heard so much about. The owners of this land before the Sacred Soul Sect took over. My young master may not have noticed, but I find it amazing for a non-cultivator to stand out as much as you. To the point even those who completed the first stage are completely butchered by you."

Like Lie Ban said, most of this land once belonged to one of the eight tribes living in the Ironwood Forest. Those tribes were once high and mighty, having abilities that far exceeded others from the other regions. They didn't have talent in cultivation like the people in the eastern region. And neither the advanced craftsmanship skills of the western region. But their sturdy body and tyrannical strength made them pretty famous in the past.

Now, most of the tribes are almost extinct. It's' almost impossible to find any descendants, and the ones that appear are nowhere near as good as their ancestors.

Another peculiarity about the aboriginals was that one of the tribes would have their skins turn blue and sturdier. In Kallen's case, the skin on his hands did turn slightly blue, but not something others could notice due to how subtle the change is. Meaning if he did have the blood of any of the eight tribes, it would be as thin as water.

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Lie Ban said that to Kallen, but didn't reveal to the others. First because he knew only he recognized who the youth was. And second because the price some places would pay for such people is astounding. And there is no way he would divide it with others.

Kallen on the other side didn't sense any of Lie Ban's malicious throat and neither did he care. With all his attention focused on learning the technique he received from Levi.

Not just his posture, but the entire aura he gave off now had changed. From an unpolished and old dagger into a mighty deadly weapon.

Many shadows appeared before his eyes. They were the shadows of those who shared with him the same experience on that hellish day. This shadow had the same familiar aura as the young blacksmith with whom he saw some of his memories.

Of course, most of them didn't seem to be complete. In fact, all them were just fragments of their former self and in this instant it was all revealed to him before vanishing as fast.

"Oh shit," Only now did he see what Levi meant by repercussions from using a technique that wasn't made for his race.

Putting his hand over his eyes, he could feel an extremely icy sensation like his eyeballs turned into spheres of the coldest Arctic Ice Essence deep within the extreme north of Esethia.

This weak feeling was like a sparkle, growing larger and larger within his eyes as this feeling couldn't be held back anymore.

Lie Ban who was thinking on how to take the boy for himself and sell him later threw the young master to the side and flew backwards. In that instead before he turned around he felt the sensation of certain death. Not like the danger he felt when he met the mystic beast back then, no. It was the feeling of a thin ant standing before a deity, there was no comparison to this sudden terror that made him throw away everything for the sake of survival.

At this moment, Kallen seemed to remove everything from his eyes other than Lie Ban. His eyes were shining as bright as the sun, giving off endless brilliance. "Soul Breaking Eye!"

With the invisible power sucked out of his brain, his eyes were draining him of all the brain power.

Without leaving any ripples, a single thread shot out from his eye before chasing after Lie Ban. Who just left the mine and ran towards the entrance to the mountain range.

"Buughh! Daah!" No matter how much he ran, the thread chased right behind him and struck right at his head. With eyes wide, his body collapsed on the ground, staring at the void with lifeless eyes.

Back in the cave, all the mercenaries had dropped their weapons the moment they heard the cry on the outside. Lie Bin was furious about Lie Ban's cowardly behavior but even more about his death. Yet, the amount of power that he saw Kallen wield made him understand the difference between them. It was astounding to discover somebody of the younger generation could match up to him. No, only a monster could have the amount of power he just saw.

Instead of fighting, Lie Bin took a piece of marble from his pocket. It was the life-saving treasure Ji Mu's grandfather left with Lie Bin in secret. It was something to use in case everything went wrong.

"Young master we must leave now." Grabbing Ji Mu whose mouth was nearly touching the floor. He smashed the marble and they both were immediately transported to somewhere else.

The remaining mercenaries had almost pissed in their pants. Kneeling on the ground and crying for mercy. immediately, another round of thread shot out of his eye, killing the remaining ones in the same way as Lie Ban.

Erin was standing like a statue in shock about what she just saw. When she finally recovered from the shock, she found out the savior of hers to be lying on the ground with foam dripping from his mouth.

"Ahhh! Somebody help! We need to help him!"

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