16 Retractable Iron Sword

Three months later. Vi City, Obsidian Pavilion.

Within one of the particular forging chambers in the Obsidian Pavilion, Kallen swung the heavy hammer against the hot iron.

Pang! Pang! Pang! Sounds of hammer striking iron echoed outside as Kallen wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Phew..." A few hours later after hard work, he stared down at the hundred plus pure iron pieces scattered across the table. It has been a bit more than a month since he took blacksmithing seriously, with some of the iron tools he made even selling out on the pavilion's branch store in the downtown.

Seeing this many thin iron objects he forged, Kallen took some of the blueprints provided by the pavilion. Most were of simple things like axes a, hoe, a shovel and a iron sword and hunting knives, none of them had a particularly impressive design as it served for total beginners like him to train.

After a mere one week, Kallen proved his talent by mastering all low-grade tools provided by the pavilion with some of them even reaching middle-grade.

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But with Zin's knowledge he knew that middle-grade tools were just the beginning. For most blacksmiths the grade of a tool went from low to middle, high, top, extraordinary and perfect. And to be made into an artifact the grade of the tool couldn't be lower than extraordinary-grade.

Even Zin who trained since five could only forge a peak high-grade tool and the design of the tool wasn't even that impressive.

The tool in question Kallen was going to make this time was something provided by Levi and Kallen had to adapt before beginning its creation.

Right when Kallen was about to start the assembly of the tool, he heard a few steps outside before seeing a pair of gracious females in white and a mature-looking girl dressed in purple. entering the chamber.

"Good morning Kal, I heard from your senior brothers that you headed here first thing in the morning in order to finish a product, so your pretty senior sister decided to see what is the tool you are making." The purple clad girl patted his head joyously. Since Kallen joined the pavilion right after he woke up three months ago, Erin's senior sister, Li Xian, took a liking to this slightly awkward junior brother of hers. As for Kal, it was the name he decided to go with, who knows maybe using his real name would attract unwanted attention.

As for Erin, no matter how ordinary Kallen looked or acted like a bright youth, she couldn't see him as a youth his age. That monstrous power couldn't be something somebody his have without having lived through hell, and that dense killing intent she felt said this.

Under the heavy assault of a pair of hands patting his head, Kallen slowly removed her hands away from his head before he begged. "Sister Xian, please stood doing this."

But she continued until she noticed Erin's wide-eyed expression when looking at the table filled with thin little iron objects. Facing this senior sister's straightforward and friendly way, it truly made it hard for Kallen to act cold with her so he rejoiced inside when seeing the table filled with the components for the tool had distracted her.

"What is this?"

Between the many objects were springs, screws, a wood handle and several other objects both Erin and Xian had never seen in their lives.

"Good, now that you two are here then you may see what I'm doing." Picking one by one he put all the components on the iron cylinder, tightened the screws and assembled all the remaining components before revealing a one feet long iron rod. Later he covered it with a layer of ironwood.

From the looks of it the rod seemed exactly like a sword handle, but without the sword.

"Er.. What is this?" Seeing Kallen show them the tool, Erin and Xian were confused by what they saw. The confusion in their states only made Kallen's smiler brother as he pressed the button on the handle and...


A long iron blade erupted out of the rod's bottom, turning into a iron sword.

With a smug look as his face, he enjoyed their shocked gazes before speaking. "And this Ladies is what I call the Retractable Iron Sword."

As the name implied, the Retractable Iron Sword was a sword capable of retracting into the handle after its use. In fact both the design was simple and the quality was about peak low-grade, but what surprised both Erin and Xian was the usability of this.

The Retractable Blade itself wasn't made of any precious material, but even an iron sword could do some serious damage to a cultivation if it hit in the right place and the fact that no one can tell it is a weapon at first makes this a precious life-saving card.

With this even at the end of the line, the cultivation still could put on a good fight. As an experienced blacksmith and an talented artificer, Xian and Erin exchanged glances. The both good friends thought of the how much this idea of his would be worth and decided to ask,

"Can you make other swords, but with better materials like Black Iron?"

Despite expecting some of their surprise, the reaction Erin and Xian were showing was much more than that. As a village boy, he still didn't think of the commercial value of such a unique weapon. But even if he could, it wasn't like money has any value to a person who only lived for revenge.

"I'm not sure, but I made another prototype before. Let me search for it..." Kallen ran to his dormitory and returned five minutes later carrying a Black Ironwood Retractable Sword.

Releasing the wooden blade, he rose his stance before slashing at the table and breaking it into two. Despite not being as sharp as the iron blade, the black ironwood was much sturdier than common iron which gave this prototype much more impact upon contact.


The small table crumbled into pieces but the sword continued until hitting the floor made of Blackiron wood, leaving a dent on its surface. A few hours later, a meeting was arranged with the pavilion chief before the market was flooded with Retractable Swords.

In a few weeks the amount of cold that he got from the sales of Retractable Swords. was astonishing. Inside his room, Kallen was counting all the money he earned when he suddenly heard the Leviathan's call.

"Kallen, come here I must give you something."


"Huh, if I remember correctly, He must be leaving anytime soon." Hidden on the roof, Erin was dressed in a black outfit as she watched the Men's dormitory below. For some time now she noticed this mysterious junior brother of hers would always sneak out of the city in the middle of the night to do something.

After waiting for two more hours, a black silhouette moved out of the dormitory and headed to the city gate before rushing into the ironwood forest.

"I knew it!" Empowering herself with light green vital power, she burst with immense speed following right behind. Without all that weight from the handcuffs, Kallen's speed was a lot faster, but nothing Erin couldn't follow.

Hours later, both of them passed by the empty ironwood village before heading deeper into the forest towards the border between the Soul Empire and the Sword Empire on the north. Erin chased after him, curious about what Kallen would need to do in this desolate location. At the peak of a mountain Kallen stopped. Standing before that immense abyss, the same place he once fell to what he believed to be his death there was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

"Levi, I'm here." Leaving those words, Kallen suddenly turned into thin air. Not much far away, a young female in a black outfit was staring at the place Kallen was standing just before he vanished.

"I knew it." Erin after confirming the place Kallen was heading to, she immediately retreated into the forest. In these few months she knew Kallen wasn't a cultivator, but his talent in blacksmithing and strange abilities.

"I have several people watching the Ji family closely, but there is no movement. If the faction behind them comes will the Sacred Soul Sect employ their disciples? It has been too long since Zin last contacted me... Has he forgotten me already?"

Inside the leviathan, Kallen was watching Erin's mumbling on the glass screen.

"Are you sure we can trust her?" The Leviathan questioned him, no matter what both knew he was aware of the woman following him here.

"I'm sure she won't tell others and even if she did, I will be fine. I must be prepared for the coming war, now let's continue with the preparations. Soon, I will exterminate the entire Sacred Soul Sect."

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