1 Prologue: The Graceless

In the vast and boundless space, a silver ray pieced thought the darkness. This was a spaceship, a interstellar shuttle. Many of these are frequently seen in this side of the galaxy since the rise of the three Galactic Empires.

This model was usually around 1000m long, 300m wide, and painted in a shiny silver-red color. Looking from afar may confuse others as its shape is similar to a sword. This was the color of the most powerful empire of the three, the Northern Star Empire, this empire who has control over 40% of the Trizon galaxy.

This spaceship is a Thilldon 8DX, one of the fastest non-military shuttles of the empire as well as some precious cargo from a place to another. Using the last generation Spatial Movement Detector, it could detect the safest wormholes and form entirely safe routes.

This ship had just left one of the Northern Star Empire's lesser worlds in order to carry an important cargo to the planet of Arilia. One of the empire's administrative worlds, a really large planet with a population of over 15 billion.

"Thank you for using the Argo Company's interstellar transport, we will be arriving at the destination shortly." A elegant female voice sounded in the entire spaceship. It was already possible to see the faint outline of a sphere on the other side of the window, its massive size and green light were stunning.

Drawing near the destination, the ship began to slow down its engines. Just as the ship was preparing to enter the atmosphere, the surroundings changed for a split second, and a small explosion sounded in the back of the ship before it all returned to normal.


"What is it?"

Facing a sudden explosion, the passengers who were the richest of the rich stiffened and grew worried as the Brian, the captain of the ship rose one of his four arms, approaching the wrist to his mouth and spoke. "Passengers, please take your seats and fasten your seat belts. There is a small problem in the navigation system, but it is nothing serious. Please remain calm, we'll be arriving shortly."

However, what none of the of the employees noticed was that a new signature of life appeared within the ship's security system while the crew hurried to the back of the ship.

"Chip, I'm inside. Did you erase any signs of my presence?" The man who appeared in the in the cargo was different from those of the empire, his long black hair and white skin made him stand out a little for being different than the other species that lived in the empire.

"Yes cap! I've erased your life signature at any time now... Perfect! I hacked into the ship's security and put your name on the passenger list, there won't be any problems now."

Most of the luxury spaceships like this one had huge athletic and recreation facilities with bars and even restaurants where the passengers could interact with one another.

"Where is our target?" The map asked as he stared at a hologram of the ship's structure with all the passages, areas and sectors of the ship. The passenger cabins were divided into first, second and third class.

Each class had different requirements, first class were mostly for high members of the great companies and agents of the empire, second class were for anything with money to buy and the third class was the most accessible one.

As to not waste any space, each person in the third class would be put in stasis inside a metal chamber until the ship arrives at the destination. It wasn't the most comfortable option, but surely was the fastest way.

"This is absurd! How can anyone accept this type of treatment." The long-haired man kept reading any information about the ship in a light screen projected the device on his wrist.

"Cap! We found her, she is the third class, inside one of the stasis chamber, but leaving anything. She must have used the third class to draw less attention, typical of these Empire's Dogs."

"Understood. Chip, take the crew and wait in meeting point. I'll soon arrive with our prize." Being only a few minutes away from the planet, most stasis chambers had opened and the passengers would soon leave the chambers.

At the moment, Aria Idhir was undergoing deep sleep inside Stasis chambers slowly climbed out of the depths of her dreams.

"Wow! What a good sleep, I don't even remember the last time I had it." Opening the chamber from the inside, she removed the cables connecting to implant on her head and stretched her body a few times. At the same time several other chambers opened at the same time as the passengers started climbing out the chambers.

On her left, a door opened with a low and gentle sound, revealing the huge corridor as well as the transparent walls around the huge VX99 engine that was the heart of the ship.

"There is somebody on the corridor already?" Most of the passengers had woken later than her and were still feeling dizzy, but for some reason Aria could see a man in front of her.

'Didn't this spaceship's captain changed the settings of the chambers so no one would wake up before I do?' Aria is a former student of the Northern Empire's Number One Military Institute and a newly Special Agent of the Empire's.

Just on her first day, her chief gave her the mission to transport something with her and gave her a small wooden box, she was told to not open it on any circumstances and only hand it to the agent waiting for her.

She was in deep thought when she spotted a young man, at least he looked young to his race. This man was different from any race she knew off, he had a long black hair tied in a ponytail and dressed in sport clothes. He only had two, hairless arms and a white-pink skin that seemed so delicate that she wondered if he was truly a man or not.

Despite being the best student in her class and known for her cold attitude, she was really curious about this man which species were a mystery to her. Especially because she just saw him leaving through the door to the first class.

The man's eyes observed the crowd of people coming from the third and second class before his eyes locked on the female agent hiding within the many commoners. Noticing his glance, Aria felt something was wrong as her hand prepared to grab her weapon, but stopped when realizing they were in open space full of civilians and energy weapons such as those used by the empire's agents weren't that great inside spaceships and space stations.

The man slowly moved forward before he stopped right next to her.

"Who are you?" At this time, Aria already guessed he was some sort of spy from another empire or organization. In the three galactic empires, most of the common people believed the emperor and his family to be the rules, but other than the Northern Empire with a emperor especially formidable, every other empire were ruled by the many big companies that hid in the darkness.

Hearing her question, the man's eyes turned into two crescent moons as he replied with a big smile. "Greetings..."

The moment his lips moved, the surroundings of the whole ship changed, Aria was standing in a dark and extensive land as the man seemed to grow within the shadows.

"Aria is your name, right? The key in your hands doesn't belong to you or your people, I'm just taking it back." The man vanished as soon as he said that and the dark and void scenery returned to normal like nothing ever happened.

"What was that?" Still a bit confused, Aria slid her hand in her pockets and noticed that little wooden box was nowhere to be seen. Lying by her feet was a small and elegant black card with a small purple phantom in it.

"Fuck!" Aria cursed out loud as the entire ship was filled with a cold bloodthirsty sensation. It was at the same time the captain of the ship contacted her. "Miss, there were signs of the invasion coming from the cargo area. The Invader seems to be part of the Viper Paradise's pirates. We have closed all passages, there is no way this pirate will escape."

"No need." Aria replied bluntly. "If that man is who I think it is then he's already out of the ship, he's at least part of that band of pirates that have been causing havoc on the border with the Eastern Sun."

Right bellow the passenger cabins, a man dashed between the many passages, heading to the bottom of the spaceship. This side of the ship was really dark without any windows or lighting, the man just headed deeper into the darkness.

"Stop right there! I won't let my first mission end like this!" Aria with her face full of rage brought out a device and planted on her neck, her four arms were covered in a layer of light that soon expanded to the rest of her body.

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"Huh!" A icy laser shot out of her hands forming four big energy gauntlets. The air chilled the second she put out the icy gauntlet while Aria bit the corner of her lips.

Without even giving the man time, her arms moved towards the man with her four hands and twenty fingers shooting a wave of icy wind at the man. Soon, the wind burst into a wave of white icy wind that quickly expanded, making the entire dark passage freezing cold.

No matter what she just finished her studies at the military institute, so she already expected to at least take a beating so her boss won't think he helped the man by any means. However the scene she saw in front of her was much, much more shocking.

Swoosh! The man avoided the ice and appeared in front of her. His finger poked her face before he appeared on his previous location. "Going after me on the first date? No, no, you should stop giving me this deadly glare or I will really think you are interested in me."

When he said that his eyes changed as he uttered four words. "Chip, I have it!"

His body grew blurry, and seeing he was going to disappear at any time, Aria gathered her hands and formed a huge energy spear and prepared to shoot at him while some of the ice on the ground extended upwards and formed chairs around his body, her eyes were firmly locked on the wooden box on his hand.

"No you won't." Seeing the empire's agent was still so fixated on the box in his hand, the man's mace darken for the first time as he seemed a bit angry.

Four-colored lights flashed before it broke all the chains that formed around him as Aria noticed two, four, eight, a hundred thin diamond-shaped crystals rushing back to his palm.

"Farewell, give your boss the regards of the Graceless." The man then suddenly vanished, and reappeared on the deck on a massive spaceship.

The sound of steps could be heard before a dozen people walked in. They all were of different races and regions, but they all wore the same purple uniform.

"Cap, did you get it?" A small creature with sixteen eyes and eight legs approached him with his small face full of expectation.

"Calm down a chip, it's here." The man took the wooden box and a silver key. Opening the box, he observed the contents of the box with a contemplative look in his eyes.

Soon a young woman with pair bottomless black holes in each of her eyes as she walked in in a skin thigh suit that reveal all the curves of her exquisite and enchanting figure. "Did you find it?"

Seeing the woman, the man held her hands and they both stood there in silence for a few minutes before the crew realized what was happening and left the teleportation room for the both of them.

"I have the key, but I don't know where it is, my friend." The man sighed with deep sadness. No know other than the woman knew the reasons for his actions.

"I know, but we will find it. I mean, you still has the bond as his Pilot."


At the top of a building in the Arilia, Aria was standing in a dark room while facing a massive hologram of a huge head

"What? Did you lose the key?!" Hearing the reports about what happened, the head screamed, breaking the glass on the nearby rooms.

"You little bitch! You only had one mission and you failed?"

"No!" Aria knelt on the ground and yelled. "It wasn't my fault, the thief is part of the that pirate group. And from his words, he referred to himself as "The Graceless" and "Umbra, the pirate"."

"I see..." Hearing her last words, the huge head grew a lot calmer. "If it is that man, then there is no reason to feel bad. The Emperor himself warned me about the man, no one would believe that that monster is from a small, uncivilized world."

"Oh? So this is where you are hiding?" A new voice sounded, this voice came from the same place where the owner of that huge head, making the latter immediately pale as a hand came out of nowhere and grabbed.

"You! Weren't you in Arilia moments ago? Oh no, I forgot about..." Aria saw that huge holographic head scream in despair as that huge hand pressed against his head.

That white hand seemed familiar.

Booom! A large explosion resounded and Aria stood in shock as she saw a tall purple-skinned man, her boss, who was thrown into a pillar dyeing the floor with his blood.

"Did you forget? Who else in this sector can move as fast as me? I also have to thank your subordinate, none of this would be possible without her after all. "When saying those words, he turned his stare to that projection of Aria, who seemed be in a state of complete shock.

It was when a black-haired man walked out of the shadows, even in a projection he was like a smiling devil slowly approaching, humming a song as he waved his hand. The ring on his middle finger shone, and three sparkling crystals floated around his body.

Enigma of the Heart: Despair, Grief, Hatred!

They seemed to move at his will, the three jewels carried three different lights, Pale Grey, Light Blue and Bloody Red.

"Go!" He lowered his hand as a signal, and the three crystal were like spears and lances of pure light as they pierced through the body of the purple-skinned man. Soon, he was turned into a three-colored pile of dust.

The man then stuck his hand into that pile of dust before taking a small silver card. After which he waved with his hand at Aria with a teasing smile of his face before shutting down the call.

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