7 Path

Finishing the cultivators of this Misty Leaves Gang, Kallen immediately took the pouches hanging around their waist to see if there was anything of valor.

"Let me see... Sixteen gold coins in total which it is about 1.600 silver coins, huh? What is this?" After taking all the gold coins and storing in the same pouch, there were ten glass bottles in their belongings as well as some weird herbs.

Picking one of the flasks and removing the cork, a strong medicinal smell invaded his nose. Five murky green pills rested within the flask.

"Levi, can you see what type of drug is this?"

"Of course, I will take a sample and see what I find." When he heard Levi's reply, strange spatial vibrations took place in the area before a bottle of the same medicine vanished out of thin air.

Moments later, Levi's synthetical voice hangs out in his head once more. "It's done. I found out that these pills within the bottle were a drug which is used to speed the production of their Vital Qi, it also has healing capabilities, but nothing too much expensive."

"The herbs used in its concoction are the same as the ones you found just now, it looks like their reason to come all the way here was far more of these herbs. The man who came with the idea to this drug is insane because each of these herbs carries a high amount of healing and poison resistance and can even strengthen the body by 1% to 5% what is perfect for Body Refinement Stage cultivators, using it just to recover Vital Qi is a total waste. If you give me the herbs, I think I can make some really good healing drugs."

"Okay." Kallen gave all the herbs away.

"Oh wait, the glass bottles too, I can turn them into something useful."

"Ah, right then take it as well. I'm going to look for the villagers." As soon as he ended taking what he wanted, Kallen burst into a dash towards the direction which the villagers ran towards.

Compared to the villagers who had to carry children and pregnant women with them, Kallen was much faster and soon he overtook them.

"Stop! I have taken care of those men." Kallen yelled to draw their attention as he runs towards them. There he saw somebody familiar turning to stare at him together with the other villagers and stopping in shock.

None of the villagers other than the 32 year old woman with few scars all over her face and body seemed to have noticed something. Staring at the youth wearing really expensive clothes made with fabric she has never seen before in the middle of the forest made him really look like a little out of place, his eyes were sharp like an unsheathed sword point upward and prepared to stab anyone who opposed him.

"Aunt Kali!" It was only when she heard that familiar and slightly childish voice than she recovered her senses, and stood there stunned.

"Kallen? It is you?!" Tears gathered bellow her eyes, and Kallen knew why. Kali was his mother's younger cousin and one of the few villagers than helped him together with her eldest daughter Ali.

"Yeah, it is. This isn't a good place, we should find somewhere better to talk." The other villagers were still in shock about Kallen's change, but still following him to a safer place where they told him how those Misty Leaves Gang suddenly appeared, their numbers and everything else they knew.

"I see, so you all don't know why they attacked the village... Wait, where is Ali? I don't see her anywhere." Only at this moment that Kallen realized that the young girl who was always helping him wasn't with the others.

Kali knew about how close Kallen and Ali were, so it didn't surprise her that he would ask this question. "Ali? Those guys from the Sacred Soul Sect said she had good aptitude and wanted to recruit her."

"What?!" The aura around him stagnated, and an astonishing dense killing intent burst from his thin body. "They took her?"

He was about to snap in a furious state when he immediately gets his head to cool down. He knew that once Kali knowns the truth about the Sacred Soul Sect would only make her more worried, so he had to keep his mouth shut.

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Instead of doing anything, Kallen decided to contact the Leviathan. "Levi, do you have anything that can protect them?"

"Yes, take these pendants. They are a type of personal kinetic shield, it will create a kinetic field around the user as soon as it senses any danger, it can absorb the energy behind every attract it receives and uses this energy to make the barrier even stronger."

Following that, twenty personal kinetic shields were transported from the Leviathan's storage space to Kallen's hands.

"Take these with you and find somewhere safe to stay." Giving all the pendants to Kali, he also split some of the gold coins and other things he had on him. He may have killed all the cultivators that were in the area, but the village wasn't safe anymore and with the village chief dead, only Kali could protect the villagers.

Having done everything he could to help, Kallen was about to turn away when Kali called him from behind. "And you, what are you going to do now?"

"Huh?" He stood on the spot, and moments later his eyes were filled with light. "I'm going to VI City, there are something I want to know there and maybe travel to the other cities in the Soul Empire. I know what path I shall take."

'Yes, I know what path to take. For now my only objective is to become strong enough to save Ali, not all cultivators are vile and despicable beings, but for those who continue to insist on this path will fall before my hands, and if my path ends up becoming my doom, so be it.'



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