9 Obsidian Pavilion

Ignium was an extremely rare high-grade metal found only in few planets. This kind of metal would usually appear together with the Blood Ignite Stone, a low-level metal, known for its ability to produce heat.

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Its rarity and similar appearance to the more common Blood Stone made it difficult for someone who was unfamiliar with them to differentiate between the two.

After being refined into a red blood crystal, it would be able to increase the power of any energy-type gun more than twenty times.

<gwofw> And in this would a Red Grave Essence as how they call it, here is one of the highest grades of metal, the heat it produces is also many times stronger than the ordinary Red Grave Iron.

After paying the money, Kallen also picked a few more random things and left while feeling anxious in his heart. Leaving the shop, he walked a little more until finding a cheap inn for him to stay the night.

Only when he made completely sure than no one would be able to hear or see him that had Levi take the metal from him. Staying at the inn for the rest of the day, Kallen went to sleep where he had a strange dream..........

In an old basement filled with dust as it wasn't cleaned for god knows how many years. There was I, holding a heavy hammer and striking down at a small piece of red iron without stop.

Pang! Pang! Pang! Pang!

The sound of iron being hit by the hammer sounded repeatedly in that basement room, gathering strength, striking the iron and gathering strength once again. Repeating this circle for a good amount of times, that blood-red iron slowly took the shape of a bracelet.

"Wow, this really does look wonderful. I hope she likes it." Whispering those words while I held the finished product in my hand, I heard steps above me and immediately hide the bracelet in my pocket.

The steps grew closer and closer before a young lady wearing a pale white dress stepped into the old basement and swept her gaze around, looking for something. She was not extremely beautiful and her figure was nothing out of the ordinary, but her bright gem-like eyes and a disposition overflowing with a sense of bravery made her an unusual beauty. Her slightly smiling face gave off a fresh aura that was unique and greatly enhanced her charm. Even now I still can't believe she is my girlfriend.

"Er... Erin? What are you doing down here?" Already knowing the answer, I asked either way because I wanted to hide what was in my pocket.

"Did you forget? Today you are going to the Sacred Soul Sect, the Pavilion Master asked me to come help you with your belongings, and what were you doing just now? I heard the noises coming from down here."

"Oh, that is nothing, I just stored everything, I will take with me on this Spatial Ring you gave me last year." With a goofy smile on my face, I suddenly felt a pickle in my heart when realizing I was going to leave the city and my face slowly turned depressed.

"Don't make that face!" Erin gave a light tap at his forehead with her finger. "Isn't you who wanted to leave this city and strive to become a cultivator? Go, learn whatever you can from there, but just remember to return to me, Okay?"


"What was that?" Waking up in his bed, Kallen still didn't understand the things he just saw. That basement, the smell of iron, that girl, everything felt so real, but he knew that whatever he saw could not have anything to do with him.

"....." The Leviathan kept silent the whole time as if thinking about something, and only a few minutes later did he give a voice to his thoughts: "This can't be.... Can it? Boy, it seems whatever happened to you that day is more severe than I thought."

"What?" Kallen didn't understand.

"I'm saying that worse than I thought, what you just experienced wasn't a dream and you must have known it as well. It is the memories of the people, which died on that day and had their souls stolen, pieces of their memories are slowly manifesting in your dreams, I don't know if it would grow even worse, but there is nothing I can't do about it."

"Really? I will be careful." Changing into a set of clean clothes, he was preparing to leave when he noticed that there was a sudden commotion in the street right outside the inn.

"Wow, it actually is the little miss of the Obsidian Pavilion!"

"How beautiful, tsk tsk, what a narrow waist, her figure is just…"

"Idiot, do you wish to die? More than half of the cultivations in the city are dependent on the weapons crafted by the Obsidian Pavilion. If someone heard you, you may well lose your tongue or something even worse." The man shot a glance at his friend's lower body.

"Oh shit, I was just speaking trash… ha-ha, ha-ha." Feeling the unfriendly gauze from those around him, that man slightly paled and with an embarrassed face, he swift moved away with his friends.

"Obsidian Pavilion… Why does this name sound so familiar?" Kallen was somewhat surprised by the exchange of the two men and the reaction of the nearby people.

Standing at a distance, he tilted his head and barely caught a glimpse of a female figure in a white dress through the gaps in the crowd.

Following the dispersal of the crowd, Kallen finally managed to clearly see the face of the lady whom the crowd had clustered around and was deeply stunned by who he saw.

What he saw was the familiar yet unfamiliar figure of a lady wearing a pale white dress. Her smiling face of hers emitted a fresh aura that was unique and a sight Kallen had seen not too long ago.

"Fuck! It's her."

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