3 Oath

After sending all the children away, Kallen was about to return to his cottage to tidy up all the mess brought by Arsin and his followers. Without making a sound he headed south where was a lake and returned with a bucket of water he used to extinguish the flames, and removed the burnt pieces of wood one by one when he heard fast steps coming from the direction of the village.

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"Brother Kallen!" He heard a feminine yell before a young female about his age cut through the trees at an incredible speed before appearing to him. Kallen for the first time, his face showed a bit of emotion seeing the young lady before him, despite only wearing simple leather clothes, her slender fit body was carrying immense power.

The second his eyes fell on her he was pleasantly surprised, but then his face darken. "Ali, you shouldn't be here."

Ever since he returned from the Sacred Soul Sect, Kallen could see the cultivation of others. While those in the village didn't understand much about it, he learned in the sect that the first step in cultivation was to condense a Vital Core with their own innate vital energy.

The Vital Core had to be condensed from layer to layer in a total of twelve, and these were the Vital Core's Twelve Layers and only when completed did one become a true cultivator. As for those in the village, the strongest was only on the Fourth Layer.

Kallen kept taking out the broken wooden planks and when noticing that Ali didn't seem to be leaving, he sighed slowly and tried to talk to her. "It has been close to a year, huh... Being in the Second layer at your age is sure amazing, keep it up and even your mother will be surpassed by you...."

Before he could continue, Ali grabbed him by the arm and burst into a dash to the opposite direction of the village, and her voice sounding in his mind, full of her worry. "There is no time to stay here, the sect has sent people here after you, and I'm sure it is not to talk about the past."

Kallen was taken aback before he nodded, Ali must probably notice something about his sudden return from the Sect.


With his silence, Ali knew she was right and continued. "I knew it, that whole story you told uncle about being expelled because of not being talented enough wasn't true, or at least not entirely. It's just that I can't understand why they would send somebody so strong to kill you."

"Strong? How Strong?" Kallen had a bad feeling, if the sect knew he was back in the village surely they would do anything for him to not spread what he saw on that day.

Ali suddenly stopped, they were already far away from the forest and the path forward would lead to a huge mountain in the distance.

"I don't know..." Ali put her finger on her glossy lips. "I only know that he was being accompanied by several youths and the weakest among those youths is stronger than me, probably at the third layer. They all had white stars on the back of their robes while the man's robe and I saw three huge golden stars on the back of his robe."

"Oh..." Kallen instantly paled. He was in the sect for months, so he knew very well what those golden stars mean.

In the sect both disciples and instructors, even the elders would receive a Sacred Soul Robe when entering the sect for the first time. With each breakthrough the had to register their current level of the Elders Palace and their robe would gain stars according to their current level.

In the sect, cultivation was divided into many stages, the Vital Core Twelve Layers, Body Refinement, Body-Energy Fusion and the Beyond Life Stage.

In the entire Sect only the Sect Master had a cultivation of the Beyond Life, and even in the entire world those at this level were few, but even the elders would Respectfully Call those experts Undying Lords.

The students he met back there all wore White-Star Robes, as for the Golden-Star robes, only those in the Body-Energy Stage had the rights to use it.

"Ali, you must get away from me right now. I'll follow the path the mountains, the man you saw is too dangerous. If you follow me, both of us will die." Removing Ali's grip on him, Kallen closed his eyes and opened soon after.

No matter how he tried to act, though he was still pretty depressed, he was just an ordinary village kid! True, his soul was ordinary at all and because of that he always had the ability to see things others couldn't which was why he could discover the Sacred Soul Sect's dark secret, but sending an expert on such a level after he was too much of an overkill.

Giving Ali a last hug before leaving just with the clothes on his body and a short knife Ali gave him, Kallen dashed into the mountain path while slashing down a wolf that pounced on him. He knew it was impossible to escape the owner of a Golden-star robe with his speed, but at least he hoped the sect wouldn't do anything to the village.

This mountain was as huge as the mount Ghenat, but at its center was a huge crater and a ravine where nothing other than darkness could be seen. This mountain was also the what divided two nations, and if he could leave the other side of the mountain, he would be out of the Sacred Soul Sect's territory.

The moon shone over the thin path of dirt that guided him to the peak of the mountain. Animals and beasts smelled the scent of a human and gathered before heading towards him, but Kallen had long since noticed their movement within the grasses.

"I'm not a cultivator, but this don't mean you animals can stop me." Pressing his left foot on the ground, he launched himself towards a tree and then bounced from one branch to the other avoiding the dozen or so wild wolves that smelled his presence.

When he reached the crater at the peak of the mountain it was already midnight. Kallen shot his gaze on the deep ravine dividing the two sides of the mountain, this ravine was about three hundred meters wide and the only way to cross to the other side was to jump over that ravine.

However, who said he could jump over that much. His feet moved toward the ravine, yet his movements stopped.

All his muscles seemed to have been frozen, he tried to move, but no matter the effort he couldn't even move his lips.

Behind him were the sounds of steps, and soon there was an applause coming from the same direction.

"Good, really good. The fact your body improved so much after escaping that place, so instead of having your soul refined like the others, you must have refined a bit of their soul when it was extracted. You should also be able to see things other can't write like visions and hallucinations, right?"

Several silhouettes moved out of the shadows and surrounded him, as to the source of the voice was an elegant middle-aged man walking far behind them.

Seeing he had been cornered, he had no choice but to nod. Just like he said, since that day, he had been having countless nightmares and hallucinations, but other than that he really could see many things more clearly like the particles within the Vital Power exuding from the body of these six disciples of his.

His eyes traveled the area, and when it focused on one of the six youths surrounding him, there was a sudden spurt of anger and followed by a strong killing intent.

"You!" Kallen focused on the Orange-haired youth. Images of what happened that day appeared in his mind, and he seemed to remember the person that had beaten, he and the others unconscious before taking them to that cursed place had been that same youth.

Following his burst of anger, the grass around his feet shook gently before dust and small pieces of rocks were shaken by a wave of wind.

His feet moved, and he appeared before that youth in a instant, his knife slashing down with full force.


The knife clashed a metal claw before the youth stepped sideways and sent a kick right in his belly. Arrg! Receiving a kick infused with a fifth-layer's vital power made his entire line of sight blur, it was like being hit by whole mountain, but under extreme effort he endured that impact and reached out with his hand, the knife cutting a two-finger wide cut on the youth's cheek before Kallen was shot back onto the ground.

"Ahh..." Getting up from the ground, his mouth was filled with blood as he spouted it out. His face was pale and it looked like he was about to collapse at any moment.

If it was just these six, Kallen would have thought of a way to escape, but with that man watching everything from afar, he knew his death sentence had long since been signed.

"You!" Standing with his back towards the Ravine, Kallen pointed at the youth, and then at everyone else before stopping on that smiling devil on the back. "You all are wicked and bloodthirsty demons, I can't believe my dream was to become a cultivator like you but now I know the truth. You guys suck out the souls of innocent people and use it to strengthen yourselves."

As he spoke, Kalled gave a step back just in time a large spear hit in the chest, blood spattering all over the flood as he continued pointing with his bloodied hand towards them. "Even if I were to cultivate, I would rather die than become one of you. And I'm sure it is not just you and your sect, cultivators are nothing but evil. They cultivate their power by themselves, true, but no one should have the power to judge others fates."

"I happily welcome death, and you should really hope I'm truly dead otherwise if I survive somehow I'll make sure to wipe out every single one of your type of this world. I swore by everything under than heavens that I will return and bring an end to the Cultivation Era." Watching as his life slowly withered, Kalled suddenly stepped back, throwing himself in that infinite darkness.

The middle-aged man listened to Kallen's crazy speech in silence, moments before seeing the latter throw himself to his death. Even a man at his level felt a chill down his spine when seeing Kallen, covered in blood staring intensely at him with burning eyes, and that strong desire to kill all cultivators.

At this moment he knew that if somehow, like the boy himself spoke really did survive than he was bound to become a threat not just to his sect but to every cultivator out there.

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