6 Misty Leaves Gang

A few hundred miles away from the huge mountain peak, a lone youth dressed in clothes completely different from what was commonly used in the eastern side of the continent, his long sleeved purple velvet jacket, a dark gray inner vest and long pants was something that would rarely be seen in this forest region of Soul Empire.

He was just passing by where he last saw Ali, then he shot a glance at his weirdly comfortable clothes and exclaimed. "Levi, these clothes you made for me are really good. I think the only time I saw any clothes as fancy as this was in the nobles living in the Sacred Soul Sect. Not even the princes of the Soul Empire can wear clothes this color..."

Seeing how the change in clothes made the boy lose that previous wild air and gain a more refined aura, and after taking a bath and cleaning his body, no one would believe this once was just a simple village boy that lived in a small cottage in the woods, no, he was looking just like a young master of a noble family.

Levi, or the great leviathan was amused by how the boy changed with a simple change of clothes and laughed out loud within his head. "Fancy? Ha-ha, this you are wearing right now isn't fancy at all, my material printer can make clothes, armors and any jewelry millions of times more expensive than this. Maybe in a world as backwards as this it can be worth a little, but it isn't anything to me or anyone else in the higher galactic civilization. At least no one would recognize you looking like this, when we..."

"Wait!" Kallen raised his hand and interrupted him. He focused his senses, he felt something was wrong. From the distance between him and the village and in the middle of a large forest, it should be possible to hear the sounds of the forest, beasts and even from the people in the village, but this complete silence in a forest as large as this one isn't right.

Despite his young age, he didn't feel the need to charge forward and instead was more cautious. Crouching down, he picked a few strands of grass and smelled them.

"Huh? I can't see it anywhere, but there is a stent of blood so strong that even the near grass and trees have some of its smell." The caution, he was feeling changed into alarm his hand reached for his knife as the other hand was quickly covered in dark metal that extended from the gauntlet followed by an invisible energy cloak.

"Boy! Access you gauntlet's computer, it can scan for any signs of life forces in seventeen hundred meters away."

Hearing the leviathan's voice in his head, he immediately projected a screen in front of him as well as a seventeen inch spherical keyboard in the air with several hundred strange patterns and symbols.

He had long since assimilated some of the information downloaded into his brain when he became a pilot, he also remembered to have seen such things on the Leviathan's command bridge before. Kallen had no way to know what it meant before, but now..,

'Tap, tap, tap, tap.' His both hands typed on the keyboard at extreme speeds, and the screen seemed to change as well.

A long blank screen appeared with a single golden dot in the middle, Kallen guessed this was his current position.

The village was one kilometer away southwest, following his gaze he saw no life forces in his position, but when his eyes stopped on where the village was supposed to be, he saw several red dots that seemed to be running away towards him as well as a double more red chasing right behind them, sometimes the dots in the front would vanish from the screen as sounds of fighting became closer and closer.

Closing the screen, Kallen climbed a tree to get a better view. This every single tree in this forest is a Ironwood Tree so he had no reason to worry about the tree falling.

"I knew it!" Just like he guessed, the fugitives wore Villager clothes and had familiar faces specialty the old woman carrying a young boy who couldn't stop crying. It was the same boy who once appeared to cause trouble on his cottage, as from behind were several middle-aged men in green clothes with an insignia on the chest pertaining to some small faction or cultivation sect.

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They were very far away, but with this strong green aura gathered at their feet, they seemed to move like the wind, swiftly approaching the remaining villagers.

"They don't look like disciples of the Sacred Soul Sect. I also have no recolection of any sect with an insignia like that between their vassal forces..." Kallen tried to search his memory, but from their strength he believes the strongest of the group was still in the Body Refinement first two stages. "If they aren't from those strong factions, they must one of the nearest cities. Nonetheless, cultivators like these have no reason to continue existing in this world, right?"

"Right." The Leviathan agreed. "I can see they must be behind the attack on your village. You now have a reason, so if you have the strength you must not only kill every single one of them, but also remove any proof that can be turned against you otherwise it will only bring more trouble."

The Villagers had just passed by the tree he was when the cultivators came.

Whoosh! The seven cultivation in green immediately noticed something was wrong, but it was already too late. When reaching the body refinement stage, the Vital Power has reached a highly condensed state and can be used as a barrier to fend off enemy attacks by consuming vital power, however before completing the Body Refinement realm was the weakest moment for any cultivator because they bodies aren't strong enough to last in the battles and must then depend solely on Vital Power to fight.

Slash! Plop!

Falling from the sky, Kallen unleashed a wave of attacks with his PXT Blade at the leader of the group.



They only realized the danger when they saw a man holding strange-looking knife and slashing at their leader's neck, mobilizing their vital power they tried to block that youth but it was too late and they only had the time to see fountain of blood spilling out that red water at the sky following by a flying head than dropped on the ground moments later.

"Who are you? Stop right now, we are from VI City's Misty Leaves Gang!" A short-haired man with scars all over his face gathered with his people and aimed his weapon at Kallen.

"Misty Leaves Gang? Hehe, I never heard of it." Laughing at the dark faces filled with caution of those people, he could easily see their thoughts. "I'm not someone special, just a kind soul willing to spend his life cleaning trash from this world."

With his other hand raised right, the blade he held slowly floated above his head. Seeing this, dark green energy rushed out of their bodies and formed a three-layered barrier around them.

Snap! With a snap of his finger, the blade flying over his head shot itself like a bulled cutting through the Vital Power Barrier like butter.

Then he suddenly appeared in front of these people, grabbing the Short-haired man and throwing in the direction of a long sword covered in Vital Qi aimed at his back.

"Ah!" The man cried out miserably when seeing himself get killed by his own companion before he dropped on the ground with enough time for a silver blade to burst the head of the other man looking at his bloody sword with the blood of his friend to pieces.

With his strange knife and amazingly strong punched he massacred all the cultivators around him, his body was still a lot bloodier than before and the smile on his face was like a devil's as he sat on the ground to catch up a mouthful of air.

"I don't have any Qi, but brother Levi's medicine really made a difference." When he fell in the abyss, it was the Leviathan who helped him by using strange drugs and medicine from the outside world, and only now did he saw how great was the physical body had become.

Other than the scratches and bloody marks left by the Vital Power used in their attacks, he was nearly unscathed. It seems ordinary weapons had difficulty in hurting his body without the help of vital power.

After regaining a bit of stamina, he cleaner the blood out of his body and followed in the direction where the Villagers went. He still had to know what happened when he was away.

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