Esethia Planet's Cultivation

Vital Core Twelve Layers> The twelve stages to unlock the human body's true potential by creating a Vital Core in one's heart. Twelve Layers must be condensed before the core is completed and when one truly starts cultivation.

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Body Refinement> After the completion of the Vital Core, the next step is to further refine the structure of the body preparing the foundation to the next stage.

Body-Energy Fusion: The complete assimilation of the human body with Vital Power, from this stage onwards, Vital Power can be freely controlled outside the body. At this point the Vital power becomes a part of the human body and can assume many functions like turning into a wing or a third arm in the middle of a fight.

Beyond Life Stage: In the Beyond Life Stage, the Vital Power begins to transform into Undying Power. With the Undying Power as long as a drop of blood remains, the person in question can still be reanimated. And different from the other stages, a Beyond Life Expert can slow down aging for eight hundred years, eight times more than the lifespan to others in the lower stages.

This is also considered the Peak to the Esethia Planet's Cultivation



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