19 Elder Han

Within the immense forest, a shadow fled through the woods breaking branches and alerting beasts along the way. But Ignoring the disruption he had just caused, the distressful looking shadow scurried away without even looking back. Occasionally, his terrified face would send a weak pulse of energy towards his back in an attempt to detect what was chasing after him.

After running for some distance, this human figure who was wearing the mercenary clothes of the Misty Leaves Gang lifted his head and stared at the light coming from the city a few miles away. An uncontrolled happiness surfaced on his face. Once he got close to the city's perimeter, he would no longer need to fear the death god that was after his life.

The mercenary's body suddenly charged forward at full speed. He jumped and fiercely stepped onto a tree branch before leaping towards another tree, repeating the process until the rustic stone gate of the city just a few hundred meters away.

With the gate so close to him, the uncontrolled happiness on the mercenary's face grew increasingly denser.

Yet, in the same Instant, a single shadow surged out of nowhere as a strange force locked him in the air.

The happiness suddenly froze as the mercenary realised that fierce power that was locked on him. Not only did the suction force halt his advance, it even froze him in mid air without any chance to resist.

A startled look covered his face as he was about to scream to the guards standing by the gate not far away. Yet, Before the mercenary could shout, a black figure flashed past him. An enormous, claw cut through the wind accompanied by the sound of muted thunder smashed heavily onto his chest.

After a short pause..."Bang!"

The deep muffled sound caused the mercenary to shut his eyes tightly as his interior burst into a bloody mass.

Along the damaged organs, fresh blood violently spurted all over the place. Soon, another figure in the same robes as the youth surged out of the darkness and approached the scene.

"Junior Brother Luk, how did it go?" A tall "woman" with an excessive amount of muscles and a ferocious looking face pat the junior disciple on the shoulder.

Staring indifferently at the mercenary whose breath was extinguished, the youth with a short orange hair tightened his hands. In a cold voice, bragged. "Senior Bro... Sister! I mean Senior Sister Rain! it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle. Even I can't believe these trash are so weak while at the peak of body Body Refinement. Even a Vital Core Junior such as myself can easily murder a hundred of them."

"Good, and where are the other bodies? I will need them all." An elegant middle aged beauty dressed in dark red robes saw some of the disciples dropping several bodies onto the ground.

"Elder Han, we've gathered the bodies. They seemed to have been killed three months ago, so the bodies are a bit too old." Said one of the disciples as he covered his nose to block the smell of rotten flesh.

"It's fine, the bodies of cultivators can resist decomposition for a lot longer than ordinary mortals due to the Vital energy within their bodies. As for the brain, it can resist even few years after death." The dangerously seductive woman gave a little lesson as she closed her eyes, preparing her spirit. Removing her gloves, she revealed a pair of fair and delicate hands that grabbed onto the head of the fallen mercenary and recited a few words of an ancient tongue.

"Rrra Xisz Nnnn Kra..." Her eyes turned gray as a dozen of static images flashed in her eyes before vanishing and then she repeated it with all the bodies.

For the first few bodies, there was nothing interesting to be seen other than memories of burly men drinking lots of alcohol and playing in the cheap brothel on the 25th street in the lower district of Vi City.

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Only when she got to the son of the mercenary group's leader did she see something interesting.

The same young master of the mercenary group together with owners of the other heads were working together with the young master of the Ji family to get the ancient relic that was said to be the key to opening the ancient tomb left behind by an expert.

Later the image changed to the same man, wielding his flaming sword against a black-clad youngster as he used strange yet effective martial arts to kill those in his way.

And when the fate of the youth seemed to be sealed, the same youngster suddenly revealed a mysterious layer of energy that reflected all the damage back onto the mercenary, ending his pathetic life.

In these images, she also caught a glimpse of the Ancient Relic's blueprint and made sure to record that in her mind. But what surprised her the most wasn't the relic or the chance of opening the ancient tomb, no.

It was the final moments of another mercenary that caught her off guard with that same youth with his change shining in pure white shot threads of light the extinguished the souls of those opposite to him.

When the visions ended, all she could think of was that technique the youth used on the end. The middle-aged woman herself had firmly believed she was one of the few with some mastery towards the soul but compared to what the youth did everything she spent decades to learn was just a small trick.

"I have seen all that I needed. Rain, go with your junior Luk see if there is any movement of the Ji family or the external forces in the vicinity. Me and the other are going to the nearby City to look for any news."

"Yes, Elder Han." Almost immediately, Rain and Luk bowed to elder Han one last time before rushing to the opposite side of the city in the distance.

While the youth with strange eye powers had been too blurry to see his facial features, the woman the youth saved that was standing behind him had been firmly printed in her mind. Now, all she needed was to see if there were any clues about the boy.

Staring at the City not much farther away, Elder Han murmured. "Vi City, a city at the border of the empire with a population of fifty thousand. I hope there is something worth my interest. I hope this city won't disappoint me."

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