5 Contract

"However, what exactly is a pilot? And how do I become one and there is any danger to it? I'm certain it takes a lot more than just brain power." After calming himself, Kallen asked the most important questions.

"Danger? Not much, I was planning to initiate only the initial part of the contract first. I can't leave this ravine without a pilot, but my exterior shell is damaged, and you will need to help me gather the necessary materials." After that, Kallen was taken for a walk in the massive Leviathan.

For an organic spaceship, this Leviathan was the most gargantuan structure Kallen had seen in his life. All the pavilions and the main palace in the Sacred Soul Sect are nothing next to this! Kallen thought to himself as he grabbed his chest, he couldn't explain, but he felt something different from his heartbeat.

Reaching the bridge, Kallen didn't see anything other than a massive screen and a circular platform filled with orange strings of light. On the way to his room, the leviathan already told him what he needed to do.

He changed into strange clothes, a suit that covered every corner of his body full of strange lines that lit in a orange light the moment he put them on. As he stepped on the platform, numerous cables appeared from inside the platform and connected to the back of his suit, making that orange light on both the suit and platform turn blue.

It was the time, when he felt that familiar sensation of waves of information crashing on his brain. A small connection was formed while Kallen download all the information to his brain.

"10 petabytes per second? Wait, something is wrong, there is no way all the information can be downloaded so fast." The Leviathan was observing everything when he noticed something wrong. Out of nowhere the speed the information was downloaded exploded into a gigantic mass that flooded his brain, increasing by at least a hundred times faster than before.

"Ahhhhh!" Screams of pain resounded in the room as Kallen spat a mouthful of black, sticky blood on the floor.

The air around him vibrated in resonance to his breathing, his eyes gained a purple light as strange patterns formed on his head and headed to his right hand.

"Stigma? No, this brat doesn't have talent in that way, it is an Enigma?! But, how? His brain power can't be that high yet. No, maybe is because of that?" Seeing the way things went, he had no other choice other than watch everything. He was going to offer just 30%, but he already took everything.

Following that, the patterns vanished just like they appeared, without leaving any traces. For Kallen, his entire world was completely shaken as well.

He could feel the entire structure of the Leviathan on the back of his head, not only he could feel the complex emotions it was feeling right now, but even all the knowledge it has seemed to be just behind a door for him, a door he could pass through at any time. When he woke up, he saw himself in a laying on a large bed staring at the ceiling.

"Pilot, are you awake." A rabbit suddenly appeared with him on the bed.

"Ah! Ouch..." This sudden appearance made Kallen fall with his head on the floor. The room he was is contained a small bed, neatly made, two straight-backed chairs, a washstand, a metal chest full of strange devices and weapons and with a huge screen on the wall showing images of a peaceful beach. There were no curtains, windows or pictures on the wall.

They walked for hours before they stopped at a massive storage room with more than six thousand square meters, Kallen gave a closer look, but what he saw was just countless objects pilled all the way to the roof.

"We Leviathans are the only ones in this galaxy capable of bending space to our will. When you return to the outside, you can just contact me and I will transport anything you wish to this storage room, and it is the same for any raw metals and ores. In the section 23, corridor 11 is where all the weapons and other devices are stored, just pick the one which you like the most and I will send you back."

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"Whatever I want?" Following the rabbit, he stopped at the weapon storage room. Hundreds and hundreds of weapons were piled in perfect order, separated into different categories.

Swords, Maces, Hammers and other primitive weapons were at the back of the corridor, among them were a few which drew his attention. The first was a fairly short blade held by a grip made in a royal blue leather, when Kallen picked this knife, a cross-shaped guard emerged from under the grip.

"Nice choice, the PXT Blade is really good in close-combat despite being mainly used in carving. The blade itself is made of a special alloy only found in the Northern Star Empire, and mostly used in the construction of spacecrafts and shuttles. However, its sharpness can cut through anything you can find on this planet, it also has a regenerative edge so you can be using it constantly without any problems."

Hearing the description of this knife, Kallen was satisfied. "I think I will take this one."

The Leviathan also agreed with his choice, but continued. "Fine, but you should take a weapon for long-distance as well. Let me see..." The white rabbit vanish for complete for a few seconds before appearing once more together with a small glove. "This is the weapon I would recommend you to take recommend, the Omni-Glove. This Glove can change between three forms, Blaster, Riffle and Revolver, this version also come with a quantum computer installed in it together with a few protective functions like energy cloak and a function of magnetism perfect for your knife."

Equipping the glove on his right hand, he felt strange as if the glove was one with his skin. To first test it, he pointed at his PXT Blade and just like that the small knife was launched from the ground and land directly on his hand.

"Nice!" He exclaimed with surprise. With these two, he was sure revenge would be his sooner or later.


Sacred Soul Sect, Sect Master's courtyard. A young man in his twenties was sitting cross-legged on the grass as he heard steps coming from downstairs.

With his eyes still closed, the young man spoke. "First Elder? You can come..."

The man who walked in was an old man with long gray hair and a red robe with seven golden stars on his back.

"Sect Master." The old man bowed deeply before raising his head. While others would be confused when seeing this young man, which looked younger than his own grandchild, he is in fact the third sect master of the Sacred Soul Sect.

He is the greatest expert in the sect by the Title of Sacred Soul Lord, and his age is just a little more than two hundred years old this year, older than all of the elders.

"Sect Master, the boy with the special soul was chased by one of our people, but he ended up falling down the ravine, his status is unknown. However, we have found another one with a vigorous soul that may be just what we needed, that small village didn't inquire anything when we requested for her as well."

"Good work. I can feel there is another realm right next to me and all I need is to take a step forward in order to reach a whole new level. The other Lords must be also trying to do the same, but they don't share the same secret arts as us, I think a few thousand souls will be enough for me to break through to that level."


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