10 Artificer and Blacksmith

"Obsidian Pavilion… Is this the same place from that Pavilion Master?" Kallen was somewhat surprised by the exchange of the three men and the reaction of the people in the street, but what surprised him even more was the appearance of this lady. Standing at a distance, he tilted his head and barely caught a glimpse of a female figure in a white dress through the gaps in the crowd as he sank into deep thought.

Beside him, the assistant in the inn laughed in a low voice, "Little Miss Erin is an artificer that was specially hired by the Obsidian Pavilion. She's the one behind most of the artifacts sold in the city, and there are many people all over this city who like her. If she is on the street today, then it is to find mercenaries to accompany the pavilion us when we go to the Green Serpent Mountain Range to gather materials for the artifacts and weapons. Sometimes those people even fight amongst themselves for the available positions just to accompany her."

"I see..." Hearing this, Kallen was momentarily stunned and immediately asked, "Does she have a lover or something?" Hearing his words, the assistant laughed and gave a light tap on his shoulder,

"Ha-ha, have you fallen as well little brother. Well, there are rumors about her relationship with the young blacksmith in the pavilion, but it's just rumors. Yet, I heard this boy left the city a few months ago, there was also members of the noble houses with him on that day wearing the clothes of the Sacred Soul Sect. If he went with them, then surely whoever woos her would be in for a world of pain when he returns."

'Well, I'm sure his soul has long since become nutrition to those old monsters, so it doesn't matter.' Kallen said inwardly, he had a sour feeling his heart. She must still be waiting for news of that unfortunate fellow, but yet he knew nothing would ever arrive.

'I guess I should participate with the other mercenaries.'

While trying to focus on all the information hiding in his brain, memories belonging to the young blacksmith slowly appeared on the surface of his mind. In the continent of Esethia, a blacksmith and artificer were similar professions, but they are much inferior when compared to the latter. After all, they cannot really produce anything with special effects like artifacts. All they can do is to use a iron to craft all sorts of weapons and tools.

However, even if it's just a sword, when compared with a weapon crafted and refined by an Artificer, such weapon is of a much lower grade. Thus the desire of every Blacksmith is to become an Artificer, but many fail to do so even after spending countless years.

"Forget it, today I must look for the Misty Leaves Gang, I heard they own a place in the lower district." Turning back, Kallen left the street as he headed down the city. VI city was mainly divided into two main districts, the lower and upper City, the lower district was in fact VI city before when it was first founded. Only a few centuries later did they decide to expand the city and the section known was Upper City was built.

Differently from the upper city with its building filled with glass windows and fancy buildings made for a more modern age, all the buildings in the Lower City were pretty primitive in comparison.

It took him forty minutes to walk from the upper city to the lower and arrive at the street where the Misty Leaves Gang was Located. From the information Kallen could gather, the Misty Leaves Gang was a Mercenary Company first founded by an illustrious cultivator in the Body-Energy Stage. Its actual leader is now a middle-phase Body Refinement Stage Cultivator known as Shadowhell.

Other than him, all its cultivators are either in the Body Refinement Stage or Vital Core Stage. Approaching the building, Kallen saw something that picked his interests.

"Expedition to the Green Serpent Mountain Range, porter required?" Seeing this he understood, in this world, there wasn't anything quite like Levi and its storage space, so of course they would need people to carry all the heavy things they find over there.

With so many people entering the Mountain range as a group, a normal Beast would definitely not dare to simply attack them, thus increasing their chances of surviving. As long as he could find the reason behind their attack on his village and the extent of their group, in any case he could easily make a few traps to escape.

"There is still one more position!" The middle aged Man taking care of the recruitment smiled to the squeezing crowd as he waved the paper in his hand.

"Me!" A young man said with a somewhat tender voice. He was slightly out of breath as he walked towards the middle age man.

"Huh?" His eyes observed the young man in front of him who less than fifteen, the middle aged man froze. Yet he kept his expression before he immediately smiled and said, "Little boy, our criteria are strong people! I don't think you can carry all the weight."

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The middle aged man emphasized the first few words. Obviously, he did not believe that this young man in his teens could perform the job.

"Where did that child come from? To make trouble while it still stinks of milk."

"Get away, boy. Don't waste our time."

"Strong?" The boy rose both his hands, revealing the strange yet beautiful handcuffs before striking a punch a thick tree.

Ignoring these people, he took two steps forward. He stood in line with a tree which was two arms thick. His fist of him suddenly tightened and a pale yellow light shone within the handcuffs for an instant. Then, with a ferocious cry, Kallen ruthlessly smashed his fist against the tree trunk, Unleashing the ferocious force of his hand from it.

The strengths of his body combined with the weight of his handcuff, the devastating force created by those two factors at high speed wasn't something that an ordinary tree could resist.

'Cra Cra Creack!'

Following the clear noise, cracks spread from the point of impact where there was a huge hole left by his hand as the thick and strong tree broke into several pieces in front of everyone 's eyes, lifting the dust from the ground.

"Is this strong enough?" Clapping his hands, Kallen had a grin on his face as he stood before the stunned middle-aged man.




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