17 Arcane Union

Turning around, he addressed the leviathan as he asked him why the hell he had to come here at this hour.

"Follow the red line." A trail of red light guided Kallen towards the lower levels of the ship, to the Leviathan's core.

Strange purple and red lines connected the entire Room to a massive purple core shining with a strange light.

With his eyes wandering through the room, his gaze stopped on the thin purple gemstone as it slowly flew out of the core and floated towards him.

Picking the gem that headed to him, Kallen felt as if this thin stone could hold the universe. "Levi what is this?"

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But instead of answering, Levi started to talk about something else. "As my pilot, this is something I should have given you a long time ago. Like I told you once before that Leviathan is just a nickname for the space beasts like myself. And that we also have the innate ability to bend space to our will. The stone in your hand, the piece of compressed space made with the abilities of a leviathan, inside it has an independent space of sixty square meters."

Holding the gem, Kallen already understood the uses of such stone. In the entire world of Esethia there was no such things as objects with a internal space, there were some artifacts that could be connected to a specific place and then use this place to send and retrieve items but it wasn't the same thing as the latter required a piece of land to become the internal space.

"I see how precious this is, but why give it to me now?"

"..." The Leviathan was silent before replying in an awkward tone. "Its because I'm entering the required hibernation state for the next six months. For the past ten years I have been awake, but like any living being I need some time in a low-energy consumption state in order to finish my repairs. This stone will replace for the time being, its space is big enough to hide you and anything else you may wish to store there for the time being. You also need to use the time you are to take some other things with you."

Together with those words, the Leviathan transmitted some information about the Leviathan organism and the needs for hibernation. He then understood that upon this period of time the telepathic link between the two of them would remain frozen until the day of Levi's awakening.

"Okay, I will do what you said and prepare." Heading to the warehouse, he first went to weapon storage but there wasn't really anything that attracted him.

"The power of these weapons are pretty good, but the energy it consumed was too big for a rustic world like mine. The energy cells are also a bit too old, I believe over 40% of the energy cells are useless." Holding the prototype of a plasma cutter that could be used to print highly detailed pieces out of metal, he was impressed. This thing could be used as both a weapon and a tool for a blacksmith.

As for the long range weapons, the bombs were the most attractive ones. Levi didn't have any, but from the records in the basic information pack in his mind some of the big bombs could wipe out half of the continent in a matter of seconds leaving only a lifeless and poisoned land behind.

Of course all of this was too much for him as the use of such mass destruction weapons won't affect just the cultivators but even cause large destruction to this planet's ecosystem which wasn't something desirable.

Then he thought of the artifacts, because of the runes, most artifacts would use the energy of the cultivator which meant no power core was inserted in the artifacts. However, He heard Erin talking in Zin's memories about artifacts that with a specific set of runes could draw all energy needed from the atmosphere making it possible for even commoners to use it.

"Levi, can I ask for the blueprints for the devices here? Oh, and the production methods for these special metal alloys as well."

"Blueprints? This is easy, I will leave a copy of every single one of them inside the spatial stone. The list of all the metals and how to produce many different types of alloys will be sent as well. And I will be leaving a few other useful things that you may need."


At the same moment in another side of Ironwood forest near Vi City,

a group of a hundred men had gathered by the gates of an ancient ruins.

Standing before a huge stone gate, the woman leading the group rose a small black sphere high towards the gates.

As if it detected the stone gate, the black sphere suddenly burst with extreme speed towards the stone gate, melting into it.


Following it was strange noises as the gate which had been kept closed for millennia had finally open.

"Grandpa." Ji Mu, the young master of the Ji family stared at the old man on his left, his grandfather Ji Lantian who was staring at the gates with shining eyes. Behind them was the force of fifty men from both the Ji Family forces and their subordinates, the misty leaves gang.

He couldn't explain, but there was something deep inside him that was telling him he should not step closer to that gate.

When Ji Mu turned his gaze to the woman at the front he felt his body shivering with fear. This Woman was the representative sent by Arcane Union of the West and the half-step undying lord, Lady Morgana.

"Men! Let's head deeper into this crypt." Heading her order, all the cultivators and members of the Arcane Union walked deep into the gates.

The second the last man had passed by the gate, strange letters of the ancient era appeared on the surface of the gate, forming two words.

[Gehenna Gate]

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