1 Chapter One

Windal Stanley, but everyone called him Windy. Stepped out of his silver 2005 PT Cruiser. His black boots hit the puddle of left over rain water causing it to splash up onto his blue jeans. He took his time looking around, being aware of his surroundings. He made his way up to the house door and proceeded to ring the bell. Ding dong ding ding dong went the melody of the bell. Windy stood there for a minute till his impatience got the better of him. Wrap tatta tat he hammered on the door. "Hey, Dacin! Dacin Murphy King! Get your gawd lovin ass out here! It's Windal, you know your Lyft Driver and Best Friend!?" Dacin yelled from the upper story window. "Cryin out loud Windy, it's 8 in the morning! What the sam hill brings you here?!" With a puzzled look on Windys face he cups his hands and yells up "your damn Wedding! Maggy tasked me with bringing you in...I mean getting you to the Wedding, not only am I the best man. But I'm paid to get you there! So get dressed, a coffe, and getv down here asap!"

-Mean While Across Town-

"I don't believe that sack of slithering slim will even make it Maggie. He's the wrong kinda man for you, you know... from the wrong side of the tracks honey." With a withard brow and half frown Maggie looked up and said "Mama, could you just be happy for me on my Wedding Day. Dacin is the man I love. He's had working, carrying, and loyal." Mama snapped back. "So's a damn dog and they don't cause you to lose half your spendings when you divorce!" Staring with eyes that could drive a knife through a concrete wall, Maggie spoke up. "Mama, if you're gonna be that way. Just get the hell out! Only return if l you're gonna be happy for me."

-On Their Way-

"Gawd Windy, it is way to early for this. What are the chances that we can postpone till about Noon or Two?" Dacin with a big hearty laugh of a 6'7 302 pound grizzly man. Looking in his rearview mirror Windy said. "It does start at Noon bro, but Mags knew how you'd be and this is her remedy." A small giggle came from Windy as he is considerably smaller in size at 5'5 218 pounds. "Damn you Windal Ray Stanley. If you were a stump I wouldn't waste the dynamite to blow your nose out with it!" Confused Windy retorted. "What the hell does that mean, ya big ornery half ape!?" Smiling back at Dacin from the rearview mirror. Remeber, this is the happiest day of your life... depending on if you say I do our not." laughed Windy to himself.