Gastro-Battle SystemGastro-Battle System

Gastro-Battle System

by peachyxx

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Springs and rivers of different flavors of fruit juice? A giant boar with a roasted and sizzling hot body? Turtle with a cabbage like shell and is edible? Flocks of sheep with a sweet cotton candy wool? A big greasy tree with leaves made out of crispy bacon? In the era of unraveling the undiscovered taste of exquisite ingredients and imminent dangers. Meet Nil a broke young man from his world who died from a tragic and senseless death whose now reborn on this mysterious world as an aspiring battle chef who luckily stumbled upon a legacy of who knows who in the mysterious and delicious world of Gourmetopia. Join him as he pave his way as a newly enrolled student at the prestigious school of the River Fork University at the great Stew Republic of East! In this world where marketing, gourmet, and battle skills could decide the fate of a nation. What can a foreign 'system' do to help Nil reach his dreams to stand on top together on equal footing with the 10 food saints. The Gastro-Battle System! ​ ​

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