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Huang Liwei wanted to lay low starting when she came back. But she had: An outstanding demeanor and appearance. The stupid kick-out period. A last wish to grant. What else... Oh, a wedding she accidentally stopped. She swore to God, it was really accidental. She kept it a secret but fans were too... "According to rumors, you and Han Junhui were in love with each other and can't bear to see him marry someone else. Is it true?" "Sorry, but you are mistaken. It's nothing close to the truth. That time, I am supposed to halt someone else's wedding but someone had sent me the wrong address. Don't worry, I have no interest in him." "Can't you give me face and say yes? If you keep that up, no one's gonna marry you." "There's an actual prince willing to marry me. Don't worry about that." The vinegar can't take it anymore. "Well, I'm making sure he's not! First come, first serve!" "..." Huang Liwei. She's a living human, not an item. "..." Host. This is a good scoop. - - - - - The owner of the pic is not me, ctto. Generation Series: Queen of Performing Arts Until It Reaches Zero Miss Lovestruck Tyrant

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