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What is this...? Every Korean novel that come out never get front page highlight/promotion like every Chinese novel that just got release. If you look at the trend, 99% of the Korean novel get ninja add on to the site. The only one I saw one for less than 1-3 day on the front page was, I alone solo/level-up and the world turned into a game after I woke up. Every other korean novel get shove to the corner of the site. Even searching through the site is extremely hard when there is no option for korean genre search option. . . But whatever. M.u.n.p.i.a. must be crazy if. . . if they think their novel getting the same treatment as Qidian's novel.


Translation Quality is fine Story Development is good Character Design is good too World Background can't be any clearer However, My person Review is 2/5. It is not interesting enough. He can see the future, wins money and all but not exciting. I have read many stories like that. I wanted to see new things and plots which this story failed to deliver. Anyway, Only a few chapters have been released and I have only read few chapters. Maybe it will get interesting in the future...


It's pretty good so far. Very slice of life. If the MC starts chasing women, my rating will drop to 1. There are already signs of it. Honestly this reads like someone's diary, if you don't like stories like that, you prolly won't like this.


■Chapter 30 Review■ This novel is similar to God Of Money. The main difference is it is more realistic. I like how the protagonist is normal in every sense and reacts how we expect. There is not much side characters introduced so far that has an impact so it could be a bit dull focusing only on him mainly but hopefully it gets better. Also there is no description about his appearance which is odd. Overall a good read.


Another greedy translator oh boy i hate this money sucking even per chapter is expensive asf 10 stone? Haha unlike the super gene just 5 or 8 stone i can afford but this one well goodbye another one dropped novel


This novel portrays the reality of people's retrograde thoughts. Mc earns $ 30,000 a year and has $ 1.5 million, and yet gets the thought of not quitting because of relatives, honestly it's really disgusting to read about this kind of situation where a person is chained by futile and unimportant things. There are so many examples of how most people in these Asian countries are ignorant and live in an unrealistic world. In most novels it is easy to see names to magnify others even though they have no real meaning, call themselves or others "god." "Fairy" "Emperor" "Beauty" is really a small penis syndrome and a fragile ego.


If you are a big fan of The Youngest Sun Of Sunyang and God Of Money, then you might end up fall in love with this novel This novel tag : - Business Management - Business Empire - From poor to rich - Charismatic Protagonist - Calm Protagonist - Cheat - Magical technology - No harem (Maybe? so far, the female around MC is only the famous celebrity and his beautiful, rich and mysterious landlord. I actually prefer the landlord, after all, she has more rich character than the celebrity) Basically,, It is like Mirai Nikki but the mirai nikki is used for making a business empire, and not for survival game. It is not as OP as MC from God of Money. This novel's MC act more real. And the cheat plot looks more natural than God of Money, where I always think that thei MC is too overbearing. This novel's MC is also a strong, OP, and overbearing, but he act more real, and he is rational too There are 2 question that I really want to know, and I hope I can get the answer one day : 1. Who is the female lead? Will protag end up just like the MC from God of Money? 2. I still don't understand about MC cheat. Where it is come from? Is there anyone that has the same cheat like our MC? That will be more fun if author create that The last I can say, I hope you guys can enjoy this novel just like I do. Happy reading fellow readers 🍻


Reveal spoiler


Only reason y 1 star lower is that some things werent explained well like lotto an proto, also some story development was weak, also author really sucks at writing romance but generally its a good book other than that. It also goes into stocks a lot which I havent seen in a novel on the list or webnovel before. So pretty creative, and also I love these typesof books like Gos of Music, Top Management, etc.


Interesting and captivating storyline even though I feel some characters are lacking but I guess the author knows what is suppose to happen to each character. Nice setting and informative too. Kudos to the author.


Hey, this is a pretty interesting read so come check it out. Long story short: guy receives news in his email every day. The catch: the news is something set to happen 12 hours later. He basically uses the info to improve his life, quits his day job, and earns more money. Starts kind of slow and you may find the MC's decisions questionable from time to time but it may just be attributed to some cultural differences. It gets better pretty early on. Don't worry. Once you read, you WILL get hooked!


excellent novel. Interesting cheat. Mc's characterization is very good. Plot premise and plot progression are excellent close to extraordinary. Character interactions are very good close to excellent. Novel is Completed which always a plus.


Good novel, its not too long, and you could read this novel on one go in the weekend. The story development was good, and its great that this novel ended quickly because the MC became overpowered quickly too.


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It's a chill story, which is the type I like. I like the business management / making money type of genre so if you're like me, I think you'll like this. Character-wise, the ML seems a little one dimensional (but I like him anyway). Aside from the ML, the description of the other characters (personality wise) are not that deep. Not much development can be seen. Also, though the ML is in a relationship, the romance aspect of the story is bland like everything just so happens. A positive note though is it's not a harem story (which I don't like). Anyway, I still recommend this story. It's an ok story.


Can translator make it 14 chapters per week please.......... No mass release after 2 weeks delay really sad.......... Why do we have to go for


Generic novel where everything goes right mc becomes rich nothing bad happens Stupid 140 characters. Can't even write a short summary like review. Does qidian want a f**king essay from us?


Story started great, the MC has a plain run of the mill personality, nothing outstanding, but after the celebrity incident it went downhill, it has the kpop worship element which honestly is a turnoff.


just here to balance out the idiots who give it 5 stars when it doesn't deserve it, otherwise i'd give it 2.5 stars.... if the author wasn't a greedy **** who locked more then half the story behind the pay wall it'd be 3.5 or so.


He he he he he he he he he he!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! What. Crazily story. I love the story and the characters are amazing. I'll recommend this story to any and everyone. Well done author and translator👏👏👏💪💪👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌👌👌👊👊👊👊👊