Demon King Is So AdorableDemon King Is So Adorable

Demon King Is So Adorable

by Froschmo

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Vincent Luke was a 21 years old poor guy who struggle everyday just to make end as he worked in many part-times daily. He moved places so often, even changed identities, lying here and there just so he could run away from vicious loan sharks. Just when he finally thought he would be found out by them, some bizarre thing suddenly happened. After 21 years being miserable poor guy, Vincent Luke finally was honored to be summoned to another world—cough!— ...by a Demon King Vincent : T-this—what the hell do you mean with ‘honored to be summoned’?! You obviously just kidnapped me here!! Demon King : Huh… I decided! You are going to be my slave to help this King conquer the world! A/N : This is a yaoi romance fiction as in a BL story, so please don’t read it if you are uncomfortable with it. There will be NSFW scene later, but I will make sure to warn it beforehand :" Please check out my other novel : https://www.webnovel.com/book/10475066706045105/The-Black-Out

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