11:11: The Great Imbalance
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11:11: The Great Imbalance


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What is 11:11: The Great Imbalance

11:11: The Great Imbalance is a popular web novel written by the author Jana_Rahman, covering LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, TIME-TRAVEL, DOMESTIC ABUSE, Teen genres. It's viewed by 2K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 1 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 6 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Balance. Equation. Two words, the whole universe. Nothing can be imbalanced in this universe, a complete equation stuck in an equilibrium. There's light to the dark, joy to the sorrow, good to the evil, and right to the wrong. Nothing can break the fine line of equilibrium persisting between them. Nothing ever had, nothing ever will. And nobody ever dared or will. But once it is disturbed, it doesn't take the equation long to balance both sides with any possible way and the greater the imbalance is, the more wicked and cruel the compensation is. There are loopholes in even the finest intricate works and a massive giant equation is no exception. In this case, 11:11 is. The Universe's giant loophole. The imbalance will be balanced in the cruelest and the saddest way possible. But in that desperate moment, will anyone be able to have faith? Faith upon their loved ones, faith upon their fate, faith upon the works of the God, Who does everything for our own good? Above all, will anyone be able to have faith on themselves? --- "It's not your fault, Lelia. Stop punishing yourself," Reo whispers softly, clutching my hands that were shaking and rubbing small circles on my palms. "What if it is?" I croak out, my voice sore from the amount of screaming it had to face and my eyes swollen from the amount of tears they had to let out. It was all an equation. I was given the chance to change time and it has come back to beat me senseless. Maybe I shouldn't have done it. Maybe I should've let myself die that unfortunate day. Then none of these have happened. But then I look at the beautiful creation of God, kneeling right before me and the strong urge to gulp down my own words become strong. What have I gotten myself into?


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Okay, I am seeing another novel on the rise so better yet check this one out because it is one of the specialties here! And the world are full of imbalances so better yet balance your reading time and read this book!


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