8 Troublesome Guest

It's been 3 hours long, and they haven't stop sunbathing on a cold day. Xia Sha needs to approve them for endurance. Slowly approaching them on the pool Xia Sha fold her hand.

"Never seen someone stupid enough to sunbathing without a sun," Xia Sha commented as she sits on the chair near them. 

Meng Ran didn't dare to turn her head and look at Xia Sha. She felt embarrassed. Xia Xiang, on the other hand, pretended to be deaf. She has given up to put on the nice act after almost being driven away from the house. 

Like a proud peacock, she lifted her branded sunglasses and glare at Xia Sha. As if that could intimidate Xia Sha. 

Xia Sha didn't let the two of them speak as she continued her monologue. 

"Not only stupid enough to go sunbathing, you even used my expired sunblock, ckckck. I meant, I understand your frugality." 

Xia Sha leans her back at the chair then looks at them with cold eyes.

"Can't afford your own house with a pool, so you must leech on someone just for a mere sunbathing. I'm more privileged than the two of you. I understand the urges and excitement to new things, you know?" 

Xia Sha blinks innocently to mock two of them. She moves her gaze to the sunblock containers. An intrigued smirked makes her face looks more attractive than it's already been before. 

"But must both of you wear my expired sunblock too? Don't you know how dangerous it is to use expired products?" Xia Sha tilted her head and asked them with feigning confusion. 

Meng Ran and Xia Xiang started to get itchy when Xia Sha keeps mentioning expired sunblocks. Maybe because of the psychological effect that they felt uncomfortable in their skin now. 

"Moreover, Meng Ran, You are Ling Guang's secretary. You depend on your look to survive, right? Don't you know what effect might happen if you use expired products?" Xia Sha pressed her lips into a tight line, but it could not hold back her snigger. 

Meng Ran face turn grim as she felt her pride. As if it had been trampled on the ground and walked over by Xia Sha. However, Xia Sha didn't plan to stop that fast. Her fun did not stop there. 

"But I must say, your sunbathing is somewhat successful. Look at that brownie, healthy skin! Aye, I would be dying to have that," She praised them with sincerity. 

Xia Sha is expecting to watch their dumb expression. Both Meng Ran and Xia Xiang had a stupified face that makes Xia Sha satisfied.  Xia Sha has a sarcastic smiled on her face before suddenly stand up in between both of them. 

"Look at yourself at the water reflection," she suggested. 

Meng Ran is still hesitating to follow Xia Sha's suggestion or not. But Xia Xiang went immediately without thinking. 

Xia Sha laughs when she saw Xia Xiang has panicky runs to saw her reflection in the pool. Her laugh grew even louder when Meng Ran stands up and follows Xia Xiang.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Xia Xiang's scream, followed by Meng Ran's screams after. The dark cloud that surrounds Xia Sha in the before is gone, replaced by a bright sun.

But the dark cloud moves into their skin instead. Meng Ran and Xia Xiang's skins turn into grey colors now. But grey. She meant it literally.

"HAHAHAHA!" Xia Sha laughs until her stomach hurts. She subconsciously touches the sunbathing bed to sit but realized that the grey color was all over the bed.

"Xia Sha! you! how dare you!" Xia Xiang's expression was horrific. She looks like she wants to tear Xia Sha's pretty face into two. Meng Ran, on the other hand, is ready to cry at any minute.

Xia Xiang has long known that Xia Sha has many tricks behind her sleeves. Xia Sha is well known for her reputation as the Queen Bee from her high school. Up until today. But she did not know Xia Sha would do this to her!

In three days there will be a party! How can she attend if she looks like a lump of coal now?

Xia Sha stands up and looks at her hand, disgusted. Then she looks up at them and asks them casually, "It looks like the two of you don't like the sunbathing after effect. Then...."

"Wash yourself then!" Xia Sha laughed as she pushes both of them to the pool, creating a loud sound of splashing water all over the house. She had a lot of fun, watching them struggling and yelping. 

Xia Sha squatted down to clean her hand from the grey sunblock. Then she looks at both of them, "Don't worry. The color won't tear down for a week. Your three hours of sunbathing won't go to waste!"

She looks at them smugly. 

It is just childish revenge. Xia Sha hasn't even started her comeback yet. But today, she pretty much entertained herself with a comedy show. That's enough for now. She coldly stands up and leaves them in the pool.

"Xia Sha! Fuck you!" Xia Xiang cursed her as she comes out from the water. Xia Sha stops walking and pulls out her middle finger up to Xia Xiang.

Xia Sha wished to provoke Xia Xiang even more. She wanted her to be agitated that she would cry. And, ah, Xia Sha hasn't heard Meng Ran's cry! Does she love to wail very much?

She remembers Meng Ran crying just because someone bumped into her. 

Ugh, that acting is so horrible!

  "Help! Help! I can't swim!"

Xia Sha stops in slow motion and watches Meng Ran tried to save herself from drowning. Xia Xiang only stood there and panicking but did nothing to help Meng Ran. She smiles sadistically and turns her body back.

How great if she never exists. How great if she can die from drowning. It such a pity she would not die here. The maidservant also panicked like Xia Xiang, but no one dares to moves as Xia Sha still stood there.

"Go help her. What a troublesome guest," Xia Sha ordered as she walked inside the room. However, before she locked the room from inside, she turned her back and looked at them blankly. 

Ah, she forgot something. Watching how her pool has to turn into a mess, Xia Sha furrow her eyebrow. 

She looks at the senior servant who stands near her. She thought something before she calls her. 

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"Make sure they clean up the pool themself, fire anyone who dares to help them," Xia Sha ordered. 

The senior maidservant looks unsure. However, when looked at Xia Sha's cold expression, she dares not to refute it. 

"Understood, Miss," she replied and nodded her head politely.

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