3 Sunny Day

Ling Guang and Meng Ran have the same dark purple professional suits on them. Walking in sync, they do be look like a couple made in heaven.

Guan Xian straightens his suit and wears his usual smiley mask on her handsome face. His attractive traits immediately get many appreciations from the woman surround him, including Meng Ran.

No one knew he has been cursing behind his smile. "Just a little bit too late. Now we have to deal with this scum bag," he gives an eye to Ji Cun Xi. 

"I've called Tang Yu Bin to prepare the car." Ji Cun Xi said nonchalantly. 

His eyes travel to Guan Xian, silently are asking, 'should we just left them or should we show a little bit manner?'

Meng Ran's eyes brighten when she saw Guan Xian and Ji Cun Xi. The aura they emitted was very different from other successful guys she used to see. Wearing her mainstay expression, she walks with a shy blush beside Ling Guang, openly attracting Guan Xian in front of Ling Guang. 

But maybe Ling Guang is that type of dense man. Not only he didn't realize how his woman put on her flirtatious face, but he also fails to notice the disinterested look at Guan Xian's face.

"Mr.Guan, sorry to keep you waiting." He said politely, makes a gesture to invite Guan Xian to his office.

Guan Xian grinned and directly shaking his head. Refusing Ling Guang's offers blatantly. Ji Cun Xi pressed his lips and decided to open his mouth before Guan Xian say something.

"Mr. Ling, you want me to sit on that tainted sofa that you probably used to f*ck your secretary? sorry." He could hear Guan Xian's voice shouting at Ling Guang without mercy in his head.

Now, we don't want that to happen, don't we? 

Although it's probably true (that Ling Guang screws his secretary before meeting them), there is still a lot of ears in this lobby. They have a reputation to maintain as young masters of a prominent family.

And he suddenly has trust issues at Guan Xian in these last 5 minutes.

"No, we came early. We have a meeting nearby." Cun Xi said with a fake courtesy. 

What he and Guan Xian wanted to say is, Sorry, we don't want to taint ourselves from the sin you've made at that office. Ew!

He was lucky, the person who deals with him today is Guan Xian and Ji Cun Xi. If Wang Kai or Jian Jun is the one who stands here in this office, he wouldn't even say one word and walk away. They will leave you with no face at all.

"Still, we deeply apologized to make both of you wait. Please give us a chance to redeem ourselves," Meng Ran said with her soft voices, a voice that would make one heart turns soft and do whatever she said.

Meng Ran has that innocent vibes like a white lily. 

She, indeed, is beautiful. However, as much as both of the boys want to enjoy God's pretty creation, the love mark Ling Guang has made in her neck ruins all her pure images.

Guan Xian shakes his head casually. He did not want anything to do with adulterers, for his interest has been stolen away by the other woman with sharp eyeliners.

"That is right, no worries. We are the ones who should apologize. There is an emergency, so we could not stay." Guan Xian said with a monotonous tone, still a faint fake smile hanging on his lips.

Ling Guang's expression change in a split of a second, but replaced with a calm face immediately. A great actor, but he still needs to learn more, Guan Xian commented silently on his heart.

"That also right, we can't hold Mr. Guan and Mr.Ji for too long then. What about a reschedule?" Ling Guang proceeds to composed himself.

Out of politeness, Ji Cun Xi answers indifferently, "Well, just inform my secretary."

Guan Xian smiles but says nothing. He doesn't want to create false hopes for this poor man. So blind that he can't even differentiate between stone and diamond.

"Then we will take our leave." Meng Ran, on the other hand, prepared to say something. She wanted to leave a good impression on Guan Xian and Ji Cun Xi.

One would immediately know Cun Xi and Guan Xian were on a different level from Ling Guang. 

Ling Guang was a great start off, but her end goal would be a nobleman like Cun Xi and Guan Xian. 

But when she opened her mouth, Guan Xian has shut her off.

"No need to walk us out," He smiled before he turns his back to face the door.

Cun Xi nods his head indifferently before he follows Guan Xian, prepared to leave the nasty nest. However, two steps from the door suddenly Guan Xian turns his back again.

Guan Xian smirk. He observes everyone in the lobby before his calm voice calmly causes chaos in the office. As fast as Ling Guang's could change his expression, Guan Xian still can see the trace of a frown on his face for a split of a second.

"Mr. Ling and…" Ling Guang hanged his sentence as his gaze fall on Meng Ran.

He forgot, he didn't know that secretary's name. Oops, his bad. Guan Xian raised his eyebrow sincerely wanted to ask the secretary's name.

However, Meng Ran's response was too slow. Guan Xian's patience has run out as he decides to shrug his hand and wave it randomly. 

"Ms secretary, both of you have something on your neck. I suggest you reread professional work ethics. And If you ever got a chance to meet me again, I want to see the person who writes the proposal, not you two." With that, he turns his back and leaves.

At that moment Ling Guang knew, He would never have the chance to work with the cooperation he had working for this past year. His face deteriorated to a certain point where no one dares to look at him. 

Xia Sha again! 

He is the CEO, but everybody wants to seal the deal only if Xia Sha appears! What the hell wrong with people? Why nobody respects his position as the CEO and went to Xia Sha instead?

His eyes turn somber as he watched two tall men walk away from his company and get inside their expensive car.

"Brother Ling, should we call their secretary now?" Meng Ran asked because she is nervous and impatient to meet Guan Xian and Ji Cun Xi again. 

Ling Guang's short glance falls on her beautiful face, forced smiles to appear on his face. "No need. Forget this deal. We can contact them when we broke the sale records again," this time he would personally step into their project. 

He needs to shows people he, Ling Guang, is also a capable person.


Outside the company, Guan Xian and Ji Cun Xi look at each other, sharing the same understanding. 

"Hah, what a waste of good talent, should have joined an acting agency." Cun Xi commented, clearly pointing at Meng Ran.

Guan Xian narrowed his eyes and let a little frown on his handsome face. "Xia Sha can't deal with her, so you wanted to see how my sister will deal with her?"

Xia Sha and Xiao Ni squabbling are well known to all the students at the Imperial high school. They bring the whole Queen Bee VS The It girl fought to the new levels. It reminds Guan Xian of Blair and Serena in Gossip Girl, but they weren't exactly a friend.

This time, they watched Queen B defeated by a green tea bitch, so Ji Cun Xi wonder could Meng Ran defeated Xiao Ni, too?

Ji Cun Xi was exposed just like that. With silly grins on his face, he walks over to enter his car. "That would be fantastic! high school all over again!"

Guan Xian rolls his eyes, hand slipping on his pocket he followed Ji Cun Xi lazily. "That wouldn't be fair. My sister has Wang Kai as her backup. She only has that dumb man."

Ji Cun Xi laughs, thinking about the possessive monster behind Xiao Ni.

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"Indeed, but that Xia young mistress is even more stupid. What did she see in this kind of man? With one glance, you can tell that he was good for nothing. Even Yan Xi is far more quality."

Guan Xian silently agreed with Cun Xi. No matter how he hated that man Yan Xi, Ling Guang was far worse than him. He looks up and looks at the sunny days.

A smirk hung on her handsome face. The sun is so hot today. Look like it's going to rain soon.

Xia Sha, she seems interesting. 

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