18 it's feel good to be back

On the 45th floor of the Guan Corporations office, Guan Xian clicked his tongue when he watches the video his assistant give.

"Aiya, what a mess." He commented after the video ended.

In the video, it shows several times Xia Sha harm Meng Ran. They show list, time, and place and what Xia Sha did. They also attach picture evidence.

Guan Xian lips twitched when he saw Meng Ran on grey skin.

In the last few minutes of the video, they show how Xia Sha slaps her while turn hysterical.

"Boss, what to do?" His PA, Tang Yu Bin asked with a calm demeanor.

There are several reasons why she shows the video to Guan Xian.

First, Xia Sha is the heir of their company opponents. Guan Xian can use this video to ruin their company reputation further.

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Second, the video took place in their newly built building. They can use it to sue Ms.Xia as a trespassing property.

In any means, as a smart PA of Guan Xian. Tang Yu Bin sees a great opportunity to crush their opponent.

"Let it be, don't do anything." Guan Xian said as he lingers his eyes on a woman on the video.

Tang Yu Bin shows a surprising look at Guan Xian. But nothing comes out from her mouth.

"Ms.Xia although an heiress is not working under Xia Company." He reasons out a little under Tang Yu Bin's suspicious glance.

"Okay, Mr.Guan. There is a meeting for new product development at 2 PM." She said before walking away from the office.

Guan Xian nods her head and smiles. "No need to accompany me later, go take my suit from the tailor." He commands in a polite manner.

Therefore he left alone in the office again. Guan Xian opens his personal phone and opens his we chat circle.

Sure enough, there are several female friends who repost Xia Sha's video. Guan Xian clicked his tongue.

"New money." He chuckles and puts down his phone.

Such a shame, he has tried to help her by making her his date tomorrow night. But she rejected it.

He is looking forward to seeing what she will do tomorrow night. However, mentioning tomorrow night he becomes gloomy.


Xia Sha bites her dried lips to swallow her fury. She doesn't understand how dirty Ling Guang trick is.

He actually cut the video and only show people she tortures the green tea bitch. But he left the part where he pushes her with no empathy at all.

She put her phone aside and grip on the steering wheel. Fine, fine they want to play ruthlessly. She Xia Sha will show them her wrath.

Heh, this is just as stupid. She is so blinded by love that she never saw Ling Guang big flaw before her eyes.

She still holds 15 percent of the company shares and he dares to treat her like this. So let a low chuckle.

She really saw her as a fool. But who to blame, she is indeed a fool.

Just witnessing how tenderly he look at Meng Ran making her sick. The more she remembers it, the more disgusted she becomes.

"Ling Guang you bring this upon yourself." She said coldly as she starts the engine.

She drove to her law office with a better mood. Waiting for another person to arrive, Xia Sha sip her americano.

"Xia Sha, I was wondering what wind bought you to call me today." A man wearing a leather jacket opens the door without knocking.

"I will become your fortune goddess today." Xia Sha lifted out the corner of her mouth and knock the file with her index finger.

"This is 15 percent of my shares in Bright Electronic Company. Your uncle has been eyeing for this for quite sometimes."

The man's eyes lifted up, his features become bright. "Aiya, no need to give me such a big gift. We are a high school friend. But thank you anyway."

He smirks and stretches his hand to take the contract. When he wanted to take the contract, Xia Sha holds the contract with her right hand.

The man hissed then complained. "Indeed there is no free lunch in this world. Tell me how much you want."

Her offer is really tempting. He is in a secret battle with his uncle and this piece of paper can make him win the battle.

Xia Sha smirked when she heard how much. Her red lips quirk up. "Give you a discount, 3.5 million, and help me hack Ling Guang's phone."

"Yo! Really fall out of love. Is this lover turn into an enemy?" He commented and lean back to his seat.

"Alright, consider it done. I'll give you everything inside his phone in 2 hours." Xiao Zhan pulls his jacket collar. Acting cool.

Xia Sha frown. "So long? She wants to destroy him as soon as possible."

"Big missy, my home is far from here. It took me 45 minutes with a motorcycle." He complained and narrow his eyes.

Xia Sha chuckles when she remembers Xiao Zhan's life with his grandparents. Their family house is on the hill.

"Aiyo, so that smile is so sweet. Forget it, I'll do it now but you must take be back." Xia Sha almost forgets Xiao Zhan is her ex-boyfriend.

Dating Ling Guang really downgraded herself. Even her IQ reduce.

"2 hours, I'll wait for you." Xia Sha stood up and take her purse on the left chair. Xiao Zhan looks at her body and shakes his head.

"That dress is unfair." He comments and stands up too. Xia Sha smiles, nobody loves praise.

She patted Xiao Zhan's shoulder a few times before she gives her the contract. "Your welcome Chairman Xiao."

Xiao Zhan smiles and looks down at his black boots. Then he sincerely looks at Xia Sha. "It feels really good now you are back."

Xia Sha was stunned after hearing his words. Xiao Zhan hit her head gently with the file before he walks away. "Call me if you need help!"

Xia Sha smiles and nods her head. She stands there and looks at her reflection through the mirror. Indeed, it feels go to be back.

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