16 But I don't want to be Guan Xian's date.

Shen Xia Fei humped and fold her hand at her chest. "Xia Sha, mom won't go before you tell mommy everything."

Pang Ze Tian looks panicked now. The hell? She is already divorced and still wants to stay at her ex-husband's house. How shameless!

Xia Sha's facelifted up, almost cheering. "That is great! Then you stay mom." Xia Sha was happy beyond words.

Father Xia has no commented too, he looks like he didn't mind his ex-wife staying at all. Shen Xia Fei widens her eyes. "You! How can you do that!" She scolds Xia Sha and give a sharp glance at her ex husband.

At the sight of her frown, Xia Qi Feng narrowed his eyes. Unhappy. "What problem with staying here? Don't you want to take care of your daughter?"

Pang Ze Tian jaw dropped perfectly.

"Husband!" She called out of frustration. How could he treat her like a passerby like this? Her eyes bulging out with disbelief.

Xia Sha rolled her eyes at her stepmother. "Aunty, don't worry my mother has a thin face."

She looked at Pang Ze Tian and Xia Xiang at the same time before adding, "She didn't have skin as thick at you two." She smiles wickedly.

Pang Ze Tian and Xia Xiang has moved to father Xia's place before her parents divorced. But mother Shen has moved away at that time.

Xia Qi Feng wanted to reprimand Xia Sha but Shen Xia Fei has overtaken his role. "Xia Sha, if you don't tell mother that's fine. But don't ever show your face in front of me again."

Xia Sha pulls out a pillow and hides her face underneath. "Mom, that is way too extreme!" She groans full with sarcasm. She only seen her mom once or twice in a year. Her threath is not threatening at all. 

"Shen Xia Fei, how could you cut the relationship between daughter and mother like that?" Father Xia fiercely answering mother Shen empty threath. 

Xia Sha silently laughs at her father innocent mind. "Xia Qi Feng you shut up, apart from being my daughter's father you have no right to talk to me." Mother Shen gives him a furious look and stares at Xia Sha again.

"What did aunty Guan tell you?" Xia Sha asked. If Guan Xian tells his mother the right information then she didn't need to explain much.

"She tells me that Guan Xian founded you in the middle of nowhere, almost jumped from an abandoned building. That night is so chilly and you didn't even bring a coat. As a gentleman, he offered you help. Assuring you that life is important." Xia Sha cannot believe shat she just heard.

Guan Xian that fart is worsened than her little sister!

The nonsense didn't stop because Xia Sha's mother keeps talking. "He said you wanted to end your life because no one loves you. Your parent divorce and the father marry an evil stepmother. The little sister likes to bullies her and makes no one wanted to be her friends."

Xia Sha cheered for Guan Xian's story when she saw Pang Ze Tian and Xia Xiang's face darken. "Her step-sister," mother Shen steal a sharp glance at Xia Xiang.

"Arrange her best friend to steal her boyfriend. They broke off in the building, he pushes her for the other woman. But luckily he walks passed that area and found her." Mother Shen has a very rich expression. Her face changes as her moods. This time she let out a big smile all over her face.

"Guan Xian then promised that Xia Sha a bucket of KFC he bring for his little sister. Only then Xia Sha agreed." What the hell? He makes it sound she willing to live only for KFC!

Xia Qi Feng's face we're as red as tomatoes now. He flares up at Xia Xiang and hits the table. "Unruly child! Dare to hurt my daughter!"

Pang Ze Tian and Xia Xiang's body trembles. They know it was there end once Xia Qi Feng as flared up. Mother Shen spare a hateful look at three of them and hit the table too.

"I haven't finished!" She scold. And father Xia palm-faced instantly, like a scared puppy. Xia Sha clapped her hand in secret.

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Mom is great! Mom is really great!

"Then he knocks some sense for Xia Sha. He tells her that cheating man is a bastard and scum. She should just leave her boyfriend and move on. No need to shed tears for cheating bastard." What a great story Mr.Guan Xian.

Xia Sha didn't even know whether to laugh or cry. But sure she will go insane when she heard the ending. "Guan Xian promised to show Xia Sha the man she should marry. That's why he willing to take Xia Sha to Grandpa Wang's birthday as his date!" Mother Sheng cheered and even clapped her hands.

Xia Xiang bite her lips in jealousy. Darn it! Darn it! Why Xia Sha always gets the best and she can only take something she didn't want.

She grips her mother's hand, almost make her mother yelps. Her eyes turn even more hateful when she heard Xia Sha's answers.

"That is more likely what happens." Xia Sha shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly. "I broke up with Ling Guang, she chooses that slut. But I don't want to be Guan Xian's date. So mom, spare me with this one!"


"Mom, this is so unfair." She cried in her mother's arms so pitifully. Pang Ze Tian looked down and gritted her teeth. "I want to be Guan Xian's date."

Imagine coming as Guan Xian's date. Even though Guan Xian is not the host of the event but he is still one of the admirable men in the society.

She can imagine the girl's envious look when she walks beside Guan Xian. Then she can befriend with Guan Xiao Ni, the highest socialite. The top of the pyramid.

"Xia Xiang, mother wants the best for you. But I can't make him take you as his date." Pang Ze Tian starts to get annoyed at her daughter.

She spoiled her too much! She has tried her best to join Guan Qian Si and Wang Mei Cia's circle of friends. But they didn't even want to acknowledge her.

They clearly stand on Shen Xia Fei's team.

"Huhuhu... Huhuhu... But I want him mom." She cries once again. Pang Ze Tian sighed before she moves her hand to brush Xia Xiang's hair.

"Mommy knows, we will find a way okay? For now we need to coax your father first. After the mother deal with your father, we can make a plan to catch Guan Xian's attention. Okay?" She compromised, to Xia Xiang.

Xia Xiang still sobbed but nod her head. "Then can I have that dress from Charlotte Braun?" There is one grey dress by Charlotte Braun she likes. However, using 800.000 yuan from her own pocket for a mere dress.

Moreover, she always maintained a simple and frugal daughter image in front of Xia Qi Feng.

Pang Ze Tiang's head turns dizzy. In the end, she helplessly agreed to buy that dress for Xia Xiang.

"Mom, you also need to help me book a makeup actress. I have to be as beautiful as Xiao Ni to grab her brother's attention." Xia Xiang's spirit starts to lift up when her mother agreed to but her the dress.

"Of course, anything for my baby." She smiles and gigs Xia Xiang. "Now stop crying and help mommy think. Your father is really angry this time. I don't think you should continue to befriend that secretary."

Xia Xiang look at her mom and pouted. "But, she is my source of money. Ever since he get together with Ling Guang she keeps buying me things as a gift." Half of her shelves filled with a present from Meng Ran.

Pang Ze Tian rolls her eyes. "Then do you want to lose your Xia surname?" It was hard enough to make Xia Qi Feng believe Xia Xiang has nothing to do with Meng Ran and Ling Guang.

If she keeps hanging out with Meng Ran, Pang Ze Tian don't know how to explain to Qi Feng anymore.

"Alright I understand." Xia Xiang mourns but agrees to stay out of Meng Ran.

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