191 Blessing upon your marriage

It should be a delighted lunch for Xia Sha's department. 

Their workaholic boss is paying and even bought two of the hottest man in the Capital City to sit on the same table with them. 

But what should they do when all those privileges come with baggage. A dog-eating show interspersed with a ted talk by Xiao Zhan. Xiao Zhan got more interest in business the longer he leads the project. He spends more time talking with Guan Xian while Guan Xian spends more time serving more food into Xia Sha's bowl. 

But it's pleasant noon for everyone. Xia Sha went back to her office with recharged spirit. She did not realize how long she had been working until Fu Qun knock on her door again.

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"Boss, this is the report you need," Fu Qun posed a polite even though Xia Sha could see tired lines on his face. Xia Sha glanced at the clock and pondered for a while. 

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