71 Murder of the 15th XVI

The Metropolitan Police Department

Davies' phone buzzed, he fished it out of his pant pocket and read the message. Then he turned towards the others and told them to follow him. The group of four entered the interrogation room moments later, everyone exchanging confused looks.

Levi turned to Elle after Davies shut the door closed behind him.

"8:26--how much time would you think it would take for our killer to return your keys to your office? With only 34mins in hand? He'd have to shower, change, a good scrub would be needed considering all the blood; 10minutes." He concluded. 

"To travel back from her house to Guy's would take 15minutes at least. But with a motorcycle, 10mins. But he wouldn't risk that, he would be seen. Possibly identified. There was no way he would have made it in time, with that calculation." he said.

Levi turns to Elle, he pulls his mobile out of his pocket.

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